Chosen Your Easter Alleluia Yet?
2016 January 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

It’s time—and here’s one you’ll love.

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Reflections on the Change of the Mandatum Rite
2016 January 25 by Guest Author

A guest article by Mr. Michael Chan, who lives in Hong Kong.

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Motet for Three Voices: “O Crux Ave”
2016 January 24 by Fr. David Friel

This piece is ideal for use as a motet during the veneration of the Holy Cross at the Good Friday liturgy.

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Yet the laborer called at the eleventh hour does not taste the joy reserved to one who has “worked and suffered without reckoning the hours.”

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Angelus Bells and the Raspberry Pi
2016 January 23 by Veronica Brandt

Setting a computer up to do something useful, bringing together a credit card sized computer and some midi samples.

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Lent is near.
2016 January 22 by Richard J. Clark

Looming over church musicians is a quick transition of liturgical seasons. Here are just a few liturgical works for Lent and Easter.

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Free Downloads • Works by Cardinal Bartolucci
2016 January 21 by Andrew Leung

Choral works by Cardinal Bartolucci, former director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, is available for download now!

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Most Pure Heart Schola Cantorum … in Rome!
2016 January 20 by Lucas Tappan

The greatest gift was to be in Rome during the Holy Year of Mercy!

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Can You Hear The Purple In This Kyrie?
2016 January 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

Only one word describes Guerrero’s musical genius: fearsome.

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May 2016 • Major Choral Event In Dallas!
2016 January 18 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

A tremendously exciting moment in the Catholic musical world!

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The Pope Who Had … A Child?
2016 January 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

Then the Pope declared that it was the motet’s words—not its melody—which annoyed him.

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Sacra Liturgia UK — Registration Now Open
2016 January 17 by Fr. David Friel

An International Conference on Liturgical Formation in Light of the New Evangelization

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“Sanctify, O Lord, the gifts we offer, and purify us from the stains of our sins…”

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Why remember gruesome things
2016 January 16 by Veronica Brandt

The Roman Martyrology is a book of brief eulogies arranged for daily reading. Also great for expectant parents choosing names.

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The American Boychoir Redefines the Choral Experience
2016 January 15 by Richard J. Clark

Please pray for all who educate our children through music!

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By the French Roman Catholic composer, Raphaël Mercier (d. 1953).

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Fun Video • Classical Music Mashup
2016 January 13 by Andrew Leung

This is what happen when you play multiple classical pieces together.

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“Savior of EWTN” According To Raymond Arroyo
2016 January 12 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“Karol Cardinal Wojtyla asked me hundreds of questions. We became friends. I have a cherished place for him in my heart.” —Bishop Gracida

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Gregory Ceurvorst Harmonizing The Chabanel Psalms
2016 January 11 by Jeff Ostrowski

I saw something cool on YouTube.

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Their garments resemble the “winter” cappa magna.

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