A Serious Question About Vatican II
2016 September 09 by Jeff Ostrowski

Vatican II spoke of “useless repetitions” in the liturgy, and said these should be examined…

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Ten Reflections on “Pride of Place”
2016 September 08 by Andrew Leung

Giving Gregorian Chant the “pride of place” is more than just singing the Propers.

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Musical Resources • 17th Sunday after Pentecost
2016 September 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

“We implore Thy majesty, O Lord, that the holy mysteries we are celebrating may free us of past sins and save us from future sins.”

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The Current Heresy
2016 September 06 by Lucas Tappan

He was right, I spoke an unforgivable heresy—boys and girls are different.

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Guest Article: “Why That Hymn Doesn't Work”
2016 September 05 by Guest Author

Twelve Criteria to Help Explain Yourself

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Impressive Video — “Ad Orientem” Celebration
2016 September 04 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“Do it gradually, with proper catechesis, to avoid shocking the people.” —Most Rev’d Gracida

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Paul McCartney Likes Choir Music
2016 September 04 by Fr. David Friel

Start your choir year with inspiration from an unlikely source.

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No Greater Advent Piece Exists
2016 September 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

What Guerrero did with this Advent melody is mind-blowing!

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Musical Resources • 16th Sunday after Pentecost
2016 September 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Let Thy grace, we beseech Thee, O Lord … make us to be continually zealous in doing good works.”

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The Power of Wordless Presence
2016 September 02 by Richard J. Clark

Many of us are gearing up our choir programs. Yet if we do not invest of ourselves time to “know” the Lord, our work may be for our own glorification rather than for God’s.

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The First Catholic Diocese in East Asia
2016 September 01 by Andrew Leung

Macau is the first Roman Catholic diocese in East Asia.

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Give Yourself a Boost in the New Choral Year
2016 August 31 by Lucas Tappan

The grandmother of 5 choristers informed me that one of her granddaughters told her rehearsal wasn’t long enough—it seemed to be over just as it was starting!

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Has Our Catholic Culture Been Completely Dismantled?
2016 August 31 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.

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This short clip from “It’s a Wonderful Life” helps us understand…

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Beautiful Manuscript • Priest Offering Mass
2016 August 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

I’d like to know more about this manuscript.

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On the Spirit of Conservation
2016 August 28 by Fr. David Friel

A Reflection on the National Parks, Sacred Architecture, and “Laudato Si”

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Musical Resources • 15th Sunday after Pentecost
2016 August 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Let Thy continual pity, O Lord, cleanse and fortify Thy Church…”

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The Reason for Choir — Paul Mealor
2016 August 27 by Andrew Leung

Welsh composer, Paul Mealor, talks about the importance of choral music.

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World Library Publications has published settings of Communion propers for Advent and Christmas. Listen here to beautiful recordings directed by Paul French.

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The Eight Gregorian Psalm Tones (PDF)
2016 August 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

I’m sick of looking for this chart online!

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