The Danger of Praise and Worship
2015 August 20 by Andrew Leung

Praise and Worship can be dangerous and confusing…

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“This honest, magnanimous and public statement made my struggle totally worthwhile.” —Colin Mawby

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Chabanel Psalms … In Dutch?
2015 August 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

The cantors do something I never thought of in this video…

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“We have received, O Lord, thy heavenly sacrament…”

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Summer Sacred Music Workshop — Report
2015 August 18 by Andrew Leung

Report on the Summer Sacred Music Workshop in Jasper, GA.

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Improve Your Parish’s Liturgy … Instantaneously!
2015 August 18 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Until we are blue in the face, we could repeat what Vatican II said about Gregorian chant…”

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PDF Download • “Mount Mary Hymnal” (1937)
2015 August 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

All 255 pages of this famous hymn book can now be downloaded as a PDF.

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Vesting Prayers • Part 7 of 8
2015 August 16 by Fr. David Friel

The Stole

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Entering the Mainstream Conversation
2015 August 14 by Richard J. Clark

Will Cardinal Sarah’s recent letter make it into the mainstream conversation?

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The “Testament of the Spirit” is the new and permanent covenant established by Jesus Christ between God and men.

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Thoughts on the "Hymn" for the Year of Mercy?
2015 August 13 by Andrew Leung

The Vatican has just introduced the official hymn of the Holy Year Of Mercy. Any thoughts?

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John Scott (1956-2015)
2015 August 12 by Andrew Leung

Today, the world lost one of the greatest living church musicians, Dr. John Scott.

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Cardinal Sarah’s Powerful Letter Available In English!
2015 August 12 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“Adoremus Bulletin” has uploaded a translation of the CDW Prefect’s document.

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Remarkable! • Amiens Cathedral During World War
2015 August 11 by Jeff Ostrowski

There’s something scary about this image!

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“Evelyn was sad when he read of churches in which the old altar was taken down…”

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