PDF Download • Handy Solfège Chart (Printable)
2019 September 02 by Jeff Ostrowski

I have no idea whether this will be of use to anyone, but here it is…

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Broken Rosaries and a Triptych of Wisdom
2019 August 30 by Richard J. Clark

Three priests — three pearls of wisdom

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The draft copy was downloaded 600+ times, so there appears to be interest in this booklet.

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Mr. Pete Avendano and His Incredible Choir
2019 August 27 by Lucas Tappan

Now back in Los Angeles, Avendano hopes to found a Catholic boys choir dedicated solely to singing the Church’s music.

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Five Suggestions • “Music in Our Schools”
2019 August 20 by Lucas Tappan

If we desire to educate, we should keep our end in mind—to teach children what is good, and to love that good.

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Most people know this one as “Creator of the stars of night.”

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Symposium 2019 • “Video Outtakes”
2019 August 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

Like any other human, I go through difficult times—this conference was a source of strength.

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Five Rules • “Successful Music Camps”
2019 August 13 by Lucas Tappan

A choirmaster must always be recruiting…and a summer camp is a great recruiting tool.

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We posted rehearsal videos in English the other day—now they’re given in Latin!

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It’s okay to start thinking about Advent, which will be here before we know it.

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Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop 2019
2019 August 05 by Andrew Leung

The fifth annual Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop in Birmingham, AL, this weekend.

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Brébeuf #379 • “Quem Terra” (Melcombe)
2019 August 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

One of the most popular melodies in Catholic hymnals of yesteryear.

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PDF Download • “Sanctus For Two Voices”
2019 August 01 by Jeff Ostrowski

“In general, it is better to do something well, however modest, than to attempt something on a grander scale if proper means are lacking.” —Pope Pius XII

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Brébeuf Hymn #464 • “Christ ist erstanden”
2019 July 30 by Jeff Ostrowski

The text of this hymn is the Church’s oldest Latin Eucharistic hymn, translated by Fr. Adrian Fortescue.

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Announcing: Saint Rita Choral Academy!
2019 July 30 by Lucas Tappan

The parish’s new venture, the St. Rita Choral Academy, is the brainchild of Dr. Alfred Calabrese.

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“How I love the multiple settings of each text, which can be interchanged as required by seasonal and festal usage.” —Maestro Behnke

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The Day Music Theory Failed Me
2019 July 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

Readers already know I believe in the value of Music Theory…

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A Call to Educate Our Future Musicians
2019 July 24 by Lucas Tappan

Most of these students, without ever having studied the Church’s documents on liturgical music, have an innate sense that our sacred mysteries require sacred music… and they WANT IT!

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This recording was completed last night (23 July 2019).

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Brébeuf Hymn #156 • “Christe Redemptor”
2019 July 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

The Soprano line was sung by a young lady in the 8th grade—and she did very well.

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