Video • Nuns At Work (1965)
2015 March 18 by Jeff Ostrowski

“The Catholic nun works with zest and a sense of fun along with her devotion…”

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Improve Your Parish Liturgy ... Instantly!
2015 March 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

Have you noticed the change in atmosphere when people dress fancy, as opposed to tank tops with jeans?

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The Real Enemy: Mediocrity
2015 March 17 by Aurelio Porfiri

“Real liturgy is for daring hearts, not for uninspired mediocrities.” —Aurelio Porfiri

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Hillary Clinton’s Emails & Mass Propers
2015 March 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

Are you confused yet? You ought to be!

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The Schola Cantorum will join the Sistine Chapel Choir, along with a number of other children choirs, to sing for Pope Francis’ Mass on January 6.

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Extraordinary footage of Pope St. John Paul II wearing the Cappa Magna.

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The Future of the Pipe Organ
2015 March 15 by Fr. David Friel

“The manifold possibilities of the organ remind us of the immensity and the magnificence of God.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

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The “Gloria in excelsis” is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts.

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Gems in Latin and English
2015 March 14 by Veronica Brandt

Five books providing our treasured Latin hymns with English translations to help you sing with understanding.

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Simply Stunning | Sacred Music of Paul Jernberg
2015 March 13 by Richard J. Clark

A simply stunning “Salve Regina” and the “Mass of Saint Philip Neri”

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Bertalot's 5 Wheels (Part 1 of 2)
2015 March 12 by Lucas Tappan

I have personally reached the point where I am not willing to compromise on this issue with my choristers.

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Don’t change the Mass, let the Mass change you.

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Pope Francis & Tomfoolery From The “LA Times”
2015 March 12 by Jeff Ostrowski

When questioned about the Traditional Latin Mass, here’s what Pope Francis ought to respond…

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Brief Recording • Newest Choir In Los Angeles
2015 March 11 by Jeff Ostrowski

We have been able to establish a choir, even though our FSSP parish is still in its infancy.

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Six Things To Know About USCCB Hymn Approval
2015 March 10 by Jeff Ostrowski

It’s no secret. Anyone who’s been in Church music realizes what happens in 99% of Catholic parishes.

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