The Problem with the Universal Prayer of the Church
2018 September 13 by Lucas Tappan

Young people today aren’t yearning for the ancient expressions of the Church’s liturgical life merely due to a distorted view of a supposedly golden former age…

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17th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)
2018 September 11 by Jeff Ostrowski

“We implore Thy majesty, O Lord, that the holy mysteries we are celebrating may free us of past and save us from future sins.”

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21 Thoughts • “Exterior Actions at Mass”
2018 September 10 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“Gentlemen of the congregation—you are the priests of the domestic church.” —Fr. Christopher Smith

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A Dramatic Moment
2018 September 10 by Jeff Ostrowski

The Bells, Gloria, and Organ all return at once.

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New Season! New Beginning!
2018 September 06 by Andrew Leung

Some laughter and advice for the beginning of a new season.

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Masses to Begin at FSSP Parish in Philadelphia
2018 September 04 by Fr. David Friel

This weekend will mark the beginning of Masses offered at the parish.

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“The Story Of The Adoremus Hymnal”
2018 September 04 by Jeff Ostrowski

Dr. Kurt Poterack served as chairman of the editorial committee.

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16th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)
2018 September 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

“When thou art invited to a wedding, sit not down in the first place, lest perhaps one more honorable than thou be invited by him…”

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New Catholic Choral School…in Detroit!
2018 August 31 by Lucas Tappan

“Qui bene cantat bis orat!”

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Join a Choir! Now!
2018 August 31 by Richard J. Clark

When you sing in a choir, know that you will impact people’s lives in ways you cannot imagine and likely in ways you will never know.

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Simple Mass Propers (1909)
2018 August 30 by Jeff Ostrowski

When choirs cannot sing the proper properly…

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Saving the Church, One Choir at a Time
2018 August 29 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

On the ground in our parishes and in our choirs is where the truth lies. Let us not retreat.

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PDF • Scottish Catholic Hymnal (453 Pages)
2018 August 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Authorized by the archbishops and bishops of Scotland for use in the Scottish dioceses.”

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New Discovery in Canada
2018 August 23 by Andrew Leung

Some great contemporary choral works from a Canadian composer.

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How can people claim this is a translation of the hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas?

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14th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)
2018 August 21 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Now if God so clothe the grass of the field, which is today, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, how much more you, O ye of little faith!”

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“Vatican II Hymnal” (1974) by Terry L. Haws
2018 August 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

“It is also tragic to note that the hymnal was officially approved by the music commission of the Archdiocese of Seattle.” —Fr. Joseph Roff

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Rehearsal videos • “Gloria” by Father Victoria
2018 August 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

How important is honesty?

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13th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)
2018 August 15 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Have regard, O Lord, to Thy covenant, and forsake not to the end the souls of Thy poor.”

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A Chinese “Ave Maria”
2018 August 14 by Andrew Leung

Ave Maria composed in Chinese style by Mons. Anthony CM Lau.

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