2015 September 29 by Lucas Tappan

I feel that solfege is the fastest and most secure route to establishing the scale and the way its notes function within that scale in the minds of singers.

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Fr. David Friel At The Papal Masses (Part 2)
2015 September 29 by Corpus Christi Watershed

We are so proud of our own Fr. David Friel.

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Papal Liturgies - Day 6 of the Papal Visit
2015 September 28 by Andrew Leung

Pope Francis celebrated the Closing Mass for the World Meeting of Families on the last day of his visit.

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PDF Download • Extremely Rare Hymnal (1952)
2015 September 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

Published by the Catholic Choirmasters’ Guild of Buffalo, New York.

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Papal Liturgies - Day 4 & 5 of the Papal Visit
2015 September 26 by Andrew Leung

2 Papal Masses in New York and Philadelphia.

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Fr. David Friel & Pope Francis
2015 September 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

A friend kindly sent me these photos…

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Praise to the Holiest
2015 September 26 by Veronica Brandt

The seven stanzas of amazingness by Blessed Cardinal Newman with three tunes to choose from.

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Papal Liturgies - Day 3 of the Papal Visit
2015 September 24 by Andrew Leung

Pope Francis celebrated Solemn Vespers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.

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Joan Brudieu • Simple Kyrie (Revised)
2015 September 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

When people ask how to begin teaching polyphony, I show them this.

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Getting the most from your choir: Passion
2015 September 24 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Passion … is a tremendous engine for achieving the very best results.

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“In thy tender mercy, guide aright, we beseech thee, O Lord, our hearts…”

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My New Assignment
2015 September 24 by Andrew Leung

Please pray for me as I continue to discern my vocation to the priesthood.

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Papal Liturgies - Day 2 of the Papal Visit
2015 September 23 by Andrew Leung

Some highlights of the papal liturgies on the second day of Pope Francis’s visit

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The Art of Breathing
2015 September 23 by Lucas Tappan

If there are only two concepts you are able to instill in a child in the early stages regarding breathing, they would be 1) fill and empty the stomach with air just like a balloon (don’t use the chest) and 2) keep the shoulders down and relaxed.

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Interesting Video About The Latin Mass (Massachusetts)
2015 September 23 by Jeff Ostrowski

I believe Fr. Robert Fromageot was professor of Gregorian chant at the FSSP seminary.

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Transposed Mode • This Sunday’s Communion
2015 September 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

One could also use a Mode VII psalm tone to “solve” the problem … but that just sounds wrong.

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A Serious Problem That Needs To Be Addressed
2015 September 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

The accusation by this lady really hurt me; but I’m not sure why…

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A Striking Approach To Performing Gregorian Chant
2015 September 21 by Chris Mueller

A commenter had posted, “Their metrical chant is a revelation!” That piqued my curiosity.

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A Missal for the Ordinariate
2015 September 20 by Fr. David Friel

Concrete gestures that enter hearts and stir consciences are essential, inspiring in everyone that inner conversion that is the prerequisite for all ecumenical progress. — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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“Agnus Dei” For Three Voices • Guillaume Dufay
2015 September 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

…including a digression on why choirs hate Solfège.

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