Pope St. Pius X wanted this decree to be read each year from the pulpit by all Catholic priests.

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Those Pesky Letters of Complaint
2016 July 08 by Richard J. Clark

As surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, someone will be unhappy. Displeasure does not discriminate.

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Breathtaking statements from the Vatican’s chief liturgist who—while on retreat—goes 72 hours without food or water.

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We’ll be singing this piece a lot because our priest has a special devotion to St. Joseph.

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Highlights from Cardinal Sarah’s Lecture at Sacra Liturgia UK 2016

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Sing the Mass
2016 July 05 by Lucas Tappan

Whether your particular parishes are rich or poor, big or small, love sacred music or hate it, there is one thing that I challenge all of you to do, and that is to sing the Mass.

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Six reasons in favor of the “Second Confiteor” and my thoughts.

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The Frontier of Liturgical Composition
2016 July 01 by Richard J. Clark

The frontier of composition is clearly producing new settings of the propers in the vernacular, useful for a typical parish.

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The Positive Impact Of Parish Events
2016 June 30 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

These things must begin at the parish level.

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Do My Eyes Deceive Me?
2016 June 30 by Lucas Tappan

I’ve often told my choir members that before I die they will be singing from music displayed on some form of a tablet, but I never thought I’d see the Capella Sistina blazing the trail!

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“Salve Virgo Singularis” • For Three Voices
2016 June 29 by Jeff Ostrowski

I cannot imagine a more powerful text.

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Theology and Music
2016 June 28 by Lucas Tappan

I hope and pray the Church continues to raise up true artists who will bring the Gospel to the world through the greatest of all the Church’s arts—Music.

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If you think we weren’t nervous to sing before so many … think again!

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Wow! Take 35% off your purchase!
2016 June 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

The Goupil Graduals arrived this morning, and they look marvelous!

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It's not about talent
2016 June 25 by Veronica Brandt

A church musician’s work may well be priceless. We don’t need to have gratitude for our natural talent, though talent can make life easier. The big honour is to serve God at the summit and source of Christian life.

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We’ll be joined by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, our FSSP District Superior, and several FSSP seminarians for a Solemn Pontifical Mass in Hollywood.

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New Organ Work • Madonna & Child
2016 June 24 by Richard J. Clark

It took me—the composer—to realize this is really a work about mother and child.

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Colloquium 2016 • Day 4
2016 June 24 by Fr. David Friel

Reflections on Offering a Colloquium Mass

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Colloquium 2016 • Day 3
2016 June 23 by Fr. David Friel

The Organic Development of the Liturgy and the New Music Breakouts

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“I will fear no evils, for thou art with me.”
2016 June 23 by Jeff Ostrowski

St. John Vianney was once overheard speaking directly to the Lord.

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