Album: Sacred Treasures of England
2017 September 24 by Fr. David Friel

Reflections on a recently released album of English choral music

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How Much Latin Do You Need?
2017 September 23 by Veronica Brandt

How to learn to read 20% of the Missale Romanum – forget “Amo, Amas, Amat” – dive into the most frequently used words.

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Chants • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (October 7th)
2017 September 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

Next Sunday, some EF priests will choose an “external solemnity.”

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The New Way of the “Sistina”
2017 September 21 by Andrew Leung

Msgr. Massimo Palombella introducing the new way of singing of the Pope’s choir.

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PDF Download • “Missal for the Laity” (1846)
2017 September 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

Have you noticed liturgical progressives are never happy?

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16th Sunday after Pentecost (4th in September)
2017 September 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Let Thy grace, we beseech Thee, O Lord, ever go before us…”

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PDF Download • “Lauda Sion” Hymnal (1886)
2017 September 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

Hymns to the Blessed Virgin, Hymns for Benediction, Offertories, etc.

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Five Ways To Make Dogma “Live Loudly Within You”
2017 September 18 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Thank you, Senator Feinstein!

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Two Transatlantic Choir Tours
2017 September 17 by Fr. David Friel

The USA will soon receive the Sistine Chapel Choir and the Schola Cantorum of the London Oratory School on tour.

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Catena Legionis in Gregorian Chant
2017 September 16 by Veronica Brandt

Our Lady sings Magnificat with tones surpassing sweet – and you can too with this simple Gregorian chant setting.

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“O Sanctissima” • SATB Contemporary Setting!
2017 September 15 by Jeff Ostrowski

I bet you haven’t heard this arrangement!

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15th Sunday after Pentecost (3rd in September)
2017 September 14 by Jeff Ostrowski

…and they glorified God, saying, “A great prophet is risen up amongst us and God hath visited His people.”

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Origins of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
2017 September 14 by Fr. David Friel

A summary of the complex history of a unique sanctoral feast

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Does Watershed Make A Difference?
2017 September 13 by Jeff Ostrowski

“A huge success! My pastor was blown away at the beauty of the Mass setting by Guerrero. The people in attendance were just floored…”

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Seven Observations About The Latin Mass
2017 September 11 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“Celebrating ten years of Summorum Pontificum”

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Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series 2017-2018
2017 September 10 by Fr. David Friel

Six upcoming presentations in New York City

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The Place of Pews in the Church
2017 September 09 by Veronica Brandt

Are chairs or pews a hindrance or a help?

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Theodore Marier • “Good Hymns for Worship” (1957)
2017 September 08 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Fascinating transcripts dealing with polyphony (“old and new”) and many other topics.

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“When I introduce young minds to the beautiful heritage of Church music, it’s always amazing to see just how much they love the great music we have been given.” — John Robinson

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14th Sunday after Pentecost (2nd in September)
2017 September 07 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Grant us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that this saving Victim may become both the cleansing of our sins, and the propitiation of Thy might.”

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