Organ Harmonies for Catholic Chants (2,279 pages)
2017 January 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

Spiral-bound reprints of Gregorian accompaniments created during WWII.

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This is perhaps my favorite collection to date.

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Debriefing "Silence"
2017 January 19 by Fr. David Friel

Thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s Latest Film

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PDF • “The Book of Ceremonies” (629 pages)
2017 January 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

By Rev. Laurence J. O’Connell, and published in English in 1943.

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Courageous Schola Director Posts “Live” Recording
2017 January 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

Our choir is 100% volunteers—and many don’t read music.

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Nine Rubrics for Mass in the Extraordinary Form
2017 January 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

These rubrics are official; so when does your church begin the Introit?

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Cosmic Harmony
2017 January 15 by Fr. David Friel

Thoughts from Saint Athanasius

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Ratzinger talks “Ad Orientem” (2003)
2017 January 14 by Jeff Ostrowski

Cardinal Ratzinger’s English is fantastic (as this video shows).

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Forget the First Note, give me the Do
2017 January 14 by Veronica Brandt

A tip for sight-reading chant – start with a Do La Fa to anchor your ear and find the starting note from the tonic.

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Fr. Gaspar eloquently emphasis key words and phrases, underscoring the beauty of the sacrament.

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Fr. Magiera Reviews The Campion Hymnal
2017 January 12 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“These renderings are accompanied by beautiful photos so even the novice should be able to follow the Mass rather easily.”

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The Role of Catholic Church Choir
2017 January 12 by Andrew Leung

Keep God as the center of the choir and direct our music towards Him.

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Practice Tracks • Ainslie’s “English Proper Chants”
2017 January 11 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Want a reliable and accessible way to learn the John Ainslie “English Proper Chants” for your parish choir? Subscribe for free weekly practice videos!

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Musical Resources • 2nd Sunday after Epiphany
2017 January 10 by Jeff Ostrowski

“May this Communion, O Lord, cleanse us from sin…”

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When to Teach Children to Sight-Read Plainsong
2017 January 10 by Lucas Tappan

Children can and should be taught Gregorian chant by hearing and repeating—but this binds them to singing only what they have memorized.

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“Ten Commandments” • for the Choirmaster
2017 January 09 by Jeff Ostrowski

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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A very helpful recording for anyone singing this in English for the Ordinary Form.

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PDF Download • Epiphany Booklet (FSSP.la)
2017 January 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

To match the ancient acrostic, Erasmus changed the first line to “Herodis Hostes.”

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Best Mystery Movie Of All Time!
2017 January 05 by Jeff Ostrowski

Every so often, we stumble across true excellence. Here’s a prime example.

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Fr. Áureo Castro’s setting alternates the chant melody and the choral parts.

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