Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference 2015
2015 August 30 by Fr. David Friel

Featuring Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Dr. William Mahrt, and Fr. Uwe Michael Lang

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The Ordinary Form’s Incredible Freedom
2015 August 29 by Jeff Ostrowski

Here’s a chart with rubrics from the 1974 “Graduale” translated into English.

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Practising from back to front
2015 August 28 by Veronica Brandt

Something of a duet of the Communion Antiphon for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost—part of preparing for Mass

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If you are not familiar with the works of composer Frank La Rocca, you should be. His works move contemporary sacred music towards the realization of Vatican II.

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Cake or Frosting?
2015 August 27 by Andrew Leung

The Liturgy is the cake and Sacred Music is the frosting…

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Be Amazed By This Two-Minute Clip About Cathedrals!
2015 August 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

Astounding video about how the Amiens Cathedral was saved by a medieval “iron band-aid.”

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A Collection of 115 Motets and Hymns, with an Easy Mass for Two Equal Voices.

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“Reconciled for evermore to thy Church, do thou watch over her, O Lord…”

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A Paragraph that Caught Attention
2015 August 26 by Andrew Leung

“Re-discovery of the Church’s Sacred Tradition: II Kings 22” by Fr. David Carter, JCL.

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I dare you NOT to immediately assign this piece to your choir!

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Another Job For Your Children
2015 August 25 by Lucas Tappan

Simply dive in and do it. Remember how quickly your children grew up and left home? That is all the longer it takes.

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University professors don’t sit around wondering whether they should teach the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria or Marty Haugen.

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“Creating these etchings reminds me of my mother’s deep spirituality.” —John McCarthy

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Vesting Prayers • Part 8 of 8
2015 August 23 by Fr. David Friel

The Chasuble

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Organ Accompaniment • “Christe Supreme”
2015 August 23 by Jeff Ostrowski

When your choir isn’t ready for polyphony…

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