This short clip from “It’s a Wonderful Life” helps us understand…

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Beautiful Manuscript • Priest Offering Mass
2016 August 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

I’d like to know more about this manuscript.

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On the Spirit of Conservation
2016 August 28 by Fr. David Friel

A Reflection on the National Parks, Sacred Architecture, and “Laudato Si”

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Musical Resources • 15th Sunday after Pentecost
2016 August 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Let Thy continual pity, O Lord, cleanse and fortify Thy Church…”

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The Reason for Choir — Paul Mealor
2016 August 27 by Andrew Leung

Welsh composer, Paul Mealor, talks about the importance of choral music.

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World Library Publications has published settings of Communion propers for Advent and Christmas. Listen here to beautiful recordings directed by Paul French.

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The Eight Gregorian Psalm Tones (PDF)
2016 August 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

I’m sick of looking for this chart online!

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“Simple Kyriale” for Dumb Organists Like Me!
2016 August 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

Fr. Valentine used to say: “You can play 100 notes right, and miss just one—and people will criticize you for that wrong one!”

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I Am Moving Again!
2016 August 25 by Andrew Leung

I will be studying at St. Joseph Seminary in the historical Diocese of Macau, China.

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Can You Hear The Difference?
2016 August 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

Do you prefer polyphony recorded by just my voice, or mixed with “real” voices?

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A New Choral Year Off to the Races
2016 August 23 by Lucas Tappan

If you aren’t used to working with children, it can be a bit daunting on your first day…

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His assertion that “smoking out enemies” is best done by appointing them to high positions in the Vatican is absurd.

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Essence, Form, Experience
2016 August 21 by Fr. David Friel

Fourth Annual Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series

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The most important element of this document is not the list of hymns and chants, but the vital coupling of faith formation and sacred music.

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“Polyphony For Dummies”
2016 August 18 by Jeff Ostrowski

A new video presentation with excellent audio samples.

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Strive for Excellence
2016 August 16 by Lucas Tappan

Let’s face facts—the English cathedral system of forming church musicians works.

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Breathtaking Images from Poland
2016 August 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

A liturgical workshop took place in Licheń, Poland from 4-11 August 2016.

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Hymn for St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher
2016 August 15 by Jeff Ostrowski

Fascinating verses by Msgr. Ronald Knox

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Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #71
2016 August 15 by Cynthia Ostrowski

If you’re confused about what’s happening, search google for “Dormition of Mary.”

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World Youth Day Krakow: Music Recordings
2016 August 14 by Fr. David Friel

Seventeen (17) Tracks Now Available on iTunes

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