iPhone Clip • From Sacred Music Symposium 2018
2018 June 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

This year’s Symposium has begun…with a bang!

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Sacred Music Camp in Allentown, NJ
2018 June 16 by Fr. David Friel

New Opportunity for Children Grades 3–12

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As both performer and teacher, James David Christie models excellence and beauty.

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Raising the Musical Standards (Part 2)
2018 June 14 by Andrew Leung

Raising the musical standards leads to deeper prayers…

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“Come Holy Ghost” • Improvisation
2018 June 12 by Jeff Ostrowski

Can you improvise?

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Sacred Music Camp for Children in Philadelphia
2018 June 10 by Fr. David Friel

The Inaugural “Cantate Domino” Festival

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Save the World: Build More Carmels
2018 June 10 by Veronica Brandt

Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

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Perpetual Succour Passes the Equator
2018 June 09 by Veronica Brandt

One young doctor sailing across the Pacific Ocean to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. You do meet all sorts at Mass.

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“No, I was taught that in school…”
2018 June 08 by Jeff Ostrowski

The famous wit of William F. Buckley Jr. is quite conspicuous in this clip.

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Raising the Musical Standards (Part 1)
2018 June 07 by Andrew Leung

The low musical standards in churches these days…

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The Beauty of Dance
2018 June 05 by Lucas Tappan

There shall surely be dancing in Heaven.

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We’ve released rehearsal videos for the Kyrie—today, we release the Sanctus & Benedictus!

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CCW Receives Praise … on Television!
2018 June 04 by Jeff Ostrowski

An excellent series on Church music

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We’ve registered 75—but a few spots are still available!
2018 June 03 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“After such a joyful and music-filled week, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated to change the world!” —Participant from 2017

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FSSP Camp in Sydney, Australia
2018 June 02 by Veronica Brandt

Living the Liturgy requires a little study. Learning Thomistic philosophy opens up new dimensions to the prayers we love so much.

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“My wish is that our viewers will walk into Sunday Mass with a new attentiveness…” — Stephanie Scogna

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Is The Brébeuf Hymnal Too Scrupulous?
2018 May 31 by Jeff Ostrowski

Why so much deliberation over every choice? Why so much discussion about a single stanza, or even a single word?

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Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018
2018 May 31 by Andrew Leung

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018 in Charlotte, NC!

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I included several nasty “Medicæa” harmonizations from the 19th century…

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How Serious Are They About The Accent?
2018 May 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

Mode 7 is one of the “tricky” psalm tones.

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