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The Campion Missal & Hymnal (992 pages long) is the first of its kind. It is a pew book providing the faithful with everything they require to properly assist at the Traditional Latin Mass.
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"There is a lack of that kind of organization which favors mature judgment. Move on, move on, get it out. Schemata are multiplied without ever arriving at a considered form. The system of discussion is bad … Often the schemata arrive just before the discussions. Sometimes, and in important matters, such as the new anaphoras, the schema was distributed the evening before the discussion was to take place … Father Bugnini has only one interest: press ahead and finish."
— Cardinal Antonelli (Peritus during the Second Vatican Council)

St. René Goupil Gregorian Chant
published 25 April 2014 by St. Edmund Campion Missal and Hymnal
HAVE FOLLOWED with great interest, even awe, the work of Jeffrey Ostrowski and his associates at Corpus Christi Watershed as they have labored to make more available the riches of the Church’s treasure of Gregorian Chant to parish musicians around the world. It would be a shame if the worship of many Catholic parishes were not to be perfected by using the product of their labors.   — Bishop René H. Gracida • Corpus Christi, TX

1st Sunday of Advent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ad te levavi animam meam
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Universi qui te exspectant
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ostende nobis Domine
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ad te levavi animam meam
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus dabit benignitatem

2nd Sunday of Advent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Populus Sion
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ex Sion species decoris
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laetatus sum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Deus tu convertens
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Jerusalem surge

3rd Sunday of Advent (Gaudete)
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Gaudete in Domino semper
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Qui sedes Domine
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Excita Domine potentiam
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Benedixisti Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dicite pusillanimes

4th Sunday of Advent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Rorate caeli
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Prope est Dominus
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Veni Domine et noli tardare
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ave Maria gratia plena
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ecce Virgo concipiet

Vigil of Christmas
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Hodie scietis (Introit)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Hodie scietis (Gradual)
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Crastina die delebitur
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Tollite portas
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Revelabitur gloria Domini

Christmas Midnight Mass
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus dixit ad me (Introit)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Tecum principium
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus dixit ad me (Alleluia)
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laetentur caeli
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • In splendoribus sanctorum

Christmas Mass at Dawn
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Lux fulgebit
  Gradual • Score  Benedictus qui venit
  Alleluia • Score • Dominus regnavit
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Deus enim firmavit
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Exsulta filia Sion

Christmas Daytime Mass
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Puer natus est nobis
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Viderunt omnes (Gradual)
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dies sanctificatus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Tui sunt caeli
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Viderunt omnes (Communion)

Sunday within the Christmas Octave
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Dum medium silentium
  Gradual • Speciosus forma   •   PsTn Gradual & Alleluia   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Dominus regnavit
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Deus enim firmavit
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Tolle Puerum et Matrem ejus

Octave Day of Christmas  •  Circumcision of our Lord
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Puer natus est nobis
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Viderunt omnes (Gradual)
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Multifarie olim Deus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Tui sunt caeli
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Viderunt omnes (Communion)

Most Holy Name of Jesus
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • In nomine Jesu
  Gradual • Salvos fac nos   •   Psalm Tone GRAD + ALLE   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Laudem Domini loquetur os meum
  Offertory • Score  Organist • Confitebor tibi Domine Deus meus
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Omnes gentes quascumque

Epiphany of the Lord
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ecce advenit dominator Dominus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Omnes de Saba venient
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Vidimus stellam (Alleluia)
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Reges Tharsis et insulae
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Vidimus stellam (Communion)

Feast of the Holy Family
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Exsultet gaudio pater Justi
  Gradual • Unam petii with verse “Beati qui”   •   Gradual & Alleluia   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Vere tu es Rex absconditus
  Offertory • Score  Organist • Tulerunt Jesum parentes ejus
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Descendit Jesus cum eis

2nd Sunday after Epiphany
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Omnis terra adoret te
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Misit Dominus   •   Ps Tn   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Laudate Deum omnes Angeli
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Jubilate Deo universa terra
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Video  Organist • Dicit Dominus: Implete hydrias aqua

3rd Sunday after Epiphany
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Adorate Deum omnes Angeli ejus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Timebunt gentes   •   Ps Tn   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Dominus regnavit exsultet terra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Dextera Domini
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Mirabantur omnes

4th Sunday after Epiphany
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Adorate Deum omnes Angeli ejus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Timebunt gentes   •   Ps Tn   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Dominus regnavit exsultet terra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Dextera Domini
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Mirabantur omnes

5th Sunday after Epiphany
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Adorate Deum omnes Angeli ejus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Timebunt gentes   •   Ps Tn   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Dominus regnavit exsultet terra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Dextera Domini
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Mirabantur omnes

6th Sunday after Epiphany
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Adorate Deum omnes Angeli ejus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Timebunt gentes   •   Ps Tn   •   Organist
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Dominus regnavit exsultet terra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Dextera Domini
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Mirabantur omnes

Septuagesima Sunday
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Video  Adjutor in opportunitatibus
  Tract •  Video • De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Bonum est confiteri Domino
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Illumina faciem tuam

Sexagesima Sunday
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Exsurge quare obdormis Domine
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Sciant gentes
  Tract • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Commovisti Domine terram
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Perfice gressus meos
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Introibo ad altare Dei

Quinquagesima Sunday
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Video  Organist • Esto mihi in Deum protectorem
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Tu es Deus qui facis mirabilia
  Tract •  Video • Jubilate Domino omnis terra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Benedictus es Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Manducaverunt et saturati sunt

Ash Wednesday
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Misereris omnium Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Miserere mei Deus
  Tract • Score  Video  Organist • Domine non secundum peccata nostra
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Exaltabo te Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Qui meditabitur in lege Domini

1st Sunday of Lent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Invocabit me et ego exaudiam eum
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Angelis suis mandavit de te
  Tract • Score  Video  Organist • Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi Dominus
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi

2nd Sunday of Lent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Reminiscere miserationum tuarum
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Video  Tribulationes cordis mei
  Tract •  Video • Confitemini Domino
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Meditabor in mandatis tuis
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Intellige clamorem meum

3rd Sunday of Lent
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Oculi mei semper ad Dominum
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Exsurge Domine
  Tract • Score  Video  Organist • Ad te levavi oculos meos
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Justitiae Domini rectae
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Passer invenit sibi domum

4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare)
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laetare Jerusalem
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laetatus sum in his quae dicta
  Tract • Score  Video  Organist • Qui confidunt in Domino
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laudate Dominum quia benignus est
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Jerusalem quae aedificatur ut civitas

Passion Sunday
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Judica me Deus
  Mode III psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Eripe me Domine
  Tract • Score  Video  Organist • Saepe expugnaverunt me
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Confitebor tibi Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Hoc corpus

Palm Sunday

Resources & Instructions for Pre-Mass ceremonies are HERE.

  Processional • Score  Mp3 • Ingrediénte Dómino
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Domine ne longe facias
  Mode II psalm tone for Gradual & Tract (PDF)
  Gradual • Video  Tenuisti manum dexteram meam
  Tract • Score  Video  Gajard (abbrev.)  Organist • Deus Deus meus respice in me
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Improperium exspectavit cor meum
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Pater si non potest

Holy Thursday
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Nos autem gloriari
  Gradual • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Mp3 • Christus factus est
  Washing of the feet • Score  Video • Ubi Caritas
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Dextera Domini fecit virtutem
  Communion • Score  Mp3 • Dominus Jesus
  Procession • Score  Video  Organist • Pange Lingua

Good Friday
  First Tract • Score  Mp3 • Domine audivi auditum tuum (Psalm Tone)
  Second Tract • Score  Mp3 • Eripe me Domine (Psalm Tone)
  Communion Psalm • Score • Psalm 21 fully notated

Easter Sunday
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Resurrexi et adhuc tecum
  Gradual • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Mp3  Organist • Haec dies
  Alleluia • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Mp3  Organist • Pascha nostrum
  Sequence • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Mp3  Organist • Victimae paschali
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Terra tremuit
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Pascha nostrum immolatus

1st Sunday after Easter (Low Sunday)
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Quasi modo geniti infantes
  Mode III psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • In die resurrectionis
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Post dies octo
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Angelus Domini
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Mitte manum tuam

2nd Sunday after Easter
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Misericordia Domini
  Mode III psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Cognoverunt discipuli
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Ego sum pastor bonus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Deus Deus meus
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ego sum pastor bonus

3rd Sunday after Easter
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Jubilate Deo
  Mode VIII psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Redemptionem misit
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Oportebat pati Christum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Lauda anima mea
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Modicum et non videbitis me

4th Sunday after Easter
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Cantate Domino
  Mode VIII psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia  • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dextera Dei
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Christus resurgens
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Jubilate Deo
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dum venerit Paraclitus

5th Sunday after Easter
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Vocem jucunditatis
  Mode VIII psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia  • Score  Video  Organist • Surrexit Christus
  2nd Alleluia • Exivi a Patre
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Benedicite gentes
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Video  Organist • Cantate Domino

Ascension of Our Lord
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Viri Galilaei
  1st Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Ascendit Deus
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Dominus in Sina
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Ascendit Deus
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Psallite Domino

Sunday after the Ascension
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Video  Organist • Exaudi Domine vocem meam
  Mode VIII psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia • Regnavit Dominus
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Non vos relinquam
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Ascendit Deus
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Video  Organist • Pater cum essem cum eis

Pentecost Sunday
  Introit • ScoreMp3 Vidoes: 01 02 03 04Organist • Spiritus Domini
  Mode VIII psalm tone for 1st & 2nd Alleluia (PDF)
  1st Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Emitte Spiritum tuum
  2nd Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Veni Sancte Spiritus
  Sequence • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Organist • Veni Sancte Spiritus
  Alternate Version of the Pentecost Sequence (14th-century)
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Confirma hoc Deus
  Communion • Score Videos: 01 02  Mp3  Organist • Factus est repente

Trinity Sunday
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Videos: 01 02  Organist • Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Benedictus es Domine
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Benedictus es Domine Deus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Benedictus sit Deus Pater
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Benedicimus Deum caeli

The Feast of Corpus Christi
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Cibavit eos
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Oculi omnium
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Caro mea vere
  Sequence • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Lauda Sion Salvatorem
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Sacerdotes Domini
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Quotiescumque manducabitis

2nd Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Factus est Dominus protector
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Mp3  Organist • Ad Dominum dum tribularer
  Alleluia • Score  Mp3  Organist • Domine Deus meus
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Domine convertere
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Cantabo Domino

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Offertory compared with Palm Sunday’s : Solesmes   •   Johner

  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Cogitationes Cordis ejus
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual  Video  Mp3 • Dulcis et rectus Dominus
  Alleluia  Video  Mp3 • Tollite jugum meum
  Offertory  Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Improperium exspectavit…inveni
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Unus militum lancea

3rd Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Mp3  Organist • Respice in me
  Gradual • Score  Mp3  Organist • Jacta cogitatum tuum
  Alleluia • Score  Mp3  Organist • Deus judex justus
  Offertory • Score  Mp3  Organist • Sperent in te omnes
  Communion • Score  Mp3  Organist • Dico vobis gaudium est

4th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus illuminatio mea
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Propitius esto Domine
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Deus qui sedes super thronum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Illumina oculos meos
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus firmamentum meum

5th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Exaudi Domine
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Protector noster
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Domine in virtute tua
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Benedicam Dominum
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Unam petii a Domino

6th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominus fortitudo plebis suae
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Convertere Domine aliquantulum
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • In te Domine speravi
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Perfice gressus meos
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Circuibo et immolabo

7th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Omnes gentes (Introit)
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Venite filii audite me
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Omnes gentes (Alleluia)
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Sicut in holocausto
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Inclina aurem tuam

8th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Suscepimus Deus misericordiam tuam
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Esto mihi in Deum protectorem
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Magnus Dominus et laudabilis valde
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Populum humilem
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Gustate et videte

9th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ecce Deus adjuvat me
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Domine Dominus noster
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Eripe me de inimicis meis
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Justitiae Domini rectae
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Qui manducat carnem meam

10th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dum clamarem ad Dominum
  Mode VIII psalm tone for Gradual & Alleluia (PDF)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Custodi me Domine
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Te decet hymnus Deus in Sion
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Ad te Domine levavi
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Acceptabis sacrificium

11th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Deus in loco sancto suo
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • In Deo speravit cor meum
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Exsultate Deo adjutori nostro
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Exaltabo te Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Honora Dominum

12th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Deus in adjutorium meum intende
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Benedicam Dominum in omni tempore
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Domine Deus salutis meae
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Precatus est Moyses
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • De fructu operum tuorum

13th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Respice Domine (Introit)
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Respice Domine (Gradual)
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Domine refugium
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • In te speravi
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Panem de caelo

14th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Protector noster aspice
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Bonum est confidere
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Venite exsultemus Domino
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Immittet Angelus Domini
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Primum quaerite regnum Dei

15th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Inclina Domine aurem tuam
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Bonum est confiteri Domino
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Quoniam Deus magnus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Exspectans exspectavi Dominum
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Panis quem ego dedero

16th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Miserere mihi Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Timebunt gentes nomen tuum
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Cantate Domino canticum novum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Domine in auxilium meum respice
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Domine memorabor justitiae tuae

17th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Justus es Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Beata gens cujus est Dominus
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Domine exaudi orationem meam
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Oravi Deum meum
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Vovete et reddite

18th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Da pacem Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Laetatus sum
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Timebunt gentes nomen tuum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Sanctificavit Moyses
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Tollite hostias

19th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Salus populi ego sum
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Dirigatur oratio mea
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • Confitemini Domino
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • Si ambulavero
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Tu mandasti mandata tua

20th Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Omnia quae fecisti nobis
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Oculi omnium
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Paratum cor meum Deus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Super flumina Babylonis
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Memento verbi tui servo tuo

21st Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • In voluntate tua Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Domine refugium factus es nobis
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • In exitu Israel ex Aegypto
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Vir erat in terra nomine Job
  Communion • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • In salutari tuo anima mea

22nd Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Si iniquitates observaveris Domine
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Ecce quam bonum
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Qui timent Dominum
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Recordare mei Domine
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Ego clamavi

23rd and Last Sunday after Pentecost
  Introit • Score  Video  Organist • Dicit Dominus Ego cogito
  Gradual • Score  Video  Organist • Liberasti nos Domine
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Organist • De profundis clamavi (Alleluia)
  Offertory • Score  Video  Organist • De profundis clamavi (Offertory)
  Communion • Score  Video  Organist • Amen dico vobis quidquid

Feast of Christ the King
  Introit • Score  Video  Mp3 #1  Mp3 #2  Organist • Dignus est Agnus
  Gradual • Score  Video  Mp3  Organist • Dominabitur a mari usque ad mare
  Alleluia • Score  Video  Mp3 #1  Mp3 #2  Organist • Potestas ejus
  Offertory • Score  Video  Mp3 #1  Mp3 #2  Organist • Postula a me
  Communion • Score  Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Organist • Sedebit Dominus Rex

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