Chant any Psalms and Antiphons
2019 July 13 by Veronica Brandt

Liturgy of the Hours and Divine Office books become enormous when they include all the music for singing the psalms. Fortunately here are the tools to bring the music to your screen.

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Traditional hymnody is often easier to sing: simpler melodically and rhythmically, and generally more substantive in theology.

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Hymn Harmony: Fifty Examples—Good and Bad!
2019 July 09 by Jeff Ostrowski

We will not be considering musically absurd examples from the past.

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In Support of the Choir School Tradition
2019 July 09 by Lucas Tappan

St. Paul’s Choir School is one of only three Catholic choir schools in the United States, and provides an approach we might call the apprenticeship method.

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In Gratitude for Choral Singers
2019 July 05 by Richard J. Clark

I am deeply grateful to faith-filled choral singers because of their willingness to understand these 10 things

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Do you hear the little counter-melody added by the organist to several verses?

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“First Images” • Sacred Music Symposium 2019
2019 July 03 by Corpus Christi Watershed

…including a live recording of the Kyrie by Palestrina!

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(Live Recording) • Hymn by Richard J. Clark
2019 July 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

Recordings from Symposium 2019 are beginning to appear!

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“Keynote Address” • Sacred Music Symposium 2019
2019 July 02 by Corpus Christi Watershed

By Fr. James Fryar, FSSP—recorded live.

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James Kennerley’s “rehearsal with the men and boys was brilliant as is his organ playing.”

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In Search of the Deeper Meaning
2019 June 25 by Lucas Tappan

I have heard it said that magic shows up at every concert but usually goes home disappointed.

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When “Textbooks” Don’t Cut It
2019 June 21 by Veronica Moreno

This routine has taken years to establish.

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Symposium Booklets Have Arrived!
2019 June 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

Anyone can write articles saying: “Church music must improve”—but actually getting one’s hands dirty? That’s different…

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Nevertheless, we have had, and quite frankly still have, a number of fine choirs, conductors and organists that I would place on par and even above our European brethren.

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Sample Pages from the Brébeuf Hymnal
2019 June 17 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“…hands down, the best Catholic hymnal ever published.” —New Liturgical Movement Website (2019)

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Professional Photographs • Saint Isaac Jogues Missal
2019 June 17 by Corpus Christi Watershed

This pew Lectionary & Missal is changing the way Catholics experience the Ordinary Form.

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Solemn Novena for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
2019 June 16 by Fr. David Friel

This year’s preacher will be Fr. James Gordon, F.S.S.P.

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Homeschooling (And Sacred Music) Snuck Up On Us
2019 June 14 by Veronica Moreno

In this way, we keep the faith alive at the kitchen table and at the altar.

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PDF Download • Symposium Booklet (159 pages)
2019 June 12 by Jeff Ostrowski

…probably unlike any musical booklet you’ve come across!

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Secrets Revealed
2019 June 11 by Jeff Ostrowski

…perhaps more slowly than one would prefer, but finally the secret is beginning to leak!

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