Installation of New Pipe Organ on Capitol Hill
2019 May 19 by Fr. David Friel

Noack Opus 162 built for St. Peter’s Church

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PDF Download • Franz Liszt and Gregorian Chant
2019 May 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

Many would ask: “What is the purpose of posting such books? Are we supposed to sing from them?”

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How Do You Mark Starting Pitches?
2019 May 16 by Jeff Ostrowski

Some might ask: “Why not just write the name of the note?”

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1941 Mass (Chicago) mixed with 2017 Mass (FSSP)
2019 May 08 by Jeff Ostrowski

I can’t remember if I ever released this “comparison” video…

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Like the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, this daily musical offering belongs not only to the Church in London and the British Isles, but to the universal Church.

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“Common” Hymn Melodies • What are they?
2019 May 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

Choirmasters and organists understand how crucial flexibility is.

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Lulu Coupon • But Notice The Expiration Date!
2019 May 06 by Corpus Christi Watershed

These LULU coupons come and go…so watch the expiration date!

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If you can read treble clef, you can read this edition … a brilliant idea!

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Repertoire • Sacred Music Symposium 2019
2019 May 01 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Sacred Music Symposium 2019

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A Reason To Hope
2019 April 30 by Lucas Tappan

We need to remember how small the amount of yeast is that is needed to leaven the dough.

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St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal • Order Yours Today!
2019 April 29 by Corpus Christi Watershed

This 932-page pew book does not imitate Protestant hymnals—it’s Catholic to the core!

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Act before May 2nd and take 15% off your entire order!!!

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Josef Hofmann: “King of Pianists”
2019 April 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

This excerpt from a 1980 radio interview with Abe Chasins proves I’m not crazy…

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PDF Download • “Cheat Sheet” for Easter Vigil
2019 April 20 by Jeff Ostrowski

Releasing this is probably a bad idea…too late!

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PDF Download • Organ Interludes for Manuals!
2019 April 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

I will most definitely be playing these pieces—based on hymn tunes—by Georg Philipp Telemann!

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Oreste Ravanello's Easy Pieces for Organ
2019 April 13 by Veronica Brandt

A dozen easy little pieces for organ.

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The Amazing Uy Family Singers!
2019 April 12 by Jeff Ostrowski

Not a piece you expected to hear today!

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In 1991, Buchanan Predicted Ratzinger’s Election
2019 April 10 by Corpus Christi Watershed

“If the Latin Mass were available, 8% of Catholics would go every Sunday, 17% would attend frequently, and 51% occasionally.” —1991 Poll

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Do me a huge favor…

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Folks, there’s just one word for this: WOW.

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