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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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A second class of tunes—which can also be said with certainty to fall under the profane—are those which are written in the style of secular songs and which, if heard without the words, would be recognized only as such. In these, as a rule, the devotional gives way to the sentimental, cheerfulness to levity and oftentimes vulgarity, while not even an attempt is made to give a serious or dignified musical expression to the sentiments embodied in the words of the hymn. Not the least objectionable feature of some of these tunes is a jingling piano accompaniment quite unsuited to the church organ.
— Preface to a Roman Catholic Hymnal (1896)
Brébeuf Hymnal • “Source Material”
published 30 October 2018 by Jeff Ostrowski

HE Saint Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal does not mimic or “build upon” Protestant hymnals. From first to last, it’s a Catholic publication. We assembled a staggering number of Catholic hymnals, from which we selected only the very best material. Someday, we hope to release all of the source material we discovered.

This is not to say that we took absolutely nothing of Protestant origin, and those who carefully examine the following list will spot a few Anglican publications.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to download some of the books we came across during our research for the Brébeuf hymnal. We hope to release the complete collection someday:

1842ENGLISH HYMNS in METER (A. D. Wackerbarth) —74pg

1847CATHOLIC HYMNAL with HARMONIES (Fr. Stephan Lück) —879pg

1848HYMNS OF THE HEART (Matthew Bridges) —97pg

1851LYRA CATHOLICA (Edward Caswall) —572pg

1853CATHOLIC HYMNS with ILLUSTRATIONS (Cardinal Wiseman) —64pg

1854THE HYMNAL NOTED (J. M. Neale) —226pg

        ADDITIONAL   •   Accomp.   •   Words   •   Alt. Versions

1854ORATORY HYMNS and TUNES (Fr. Faber) —202pg

1850sTHE HYMN of SAINT CASIMIR (Various Translations)

* 1860THE CATHOLIC HYMNAL (London) —192pg

1861SUNDAY SCHOOL BOOK (Fr. Furniss)   {Hymns begin on pg 146}

1862HAWAIIAN HYMNAL (Honolulu, Probably Anglican) —251pg

1863MEDIEVAL HYMNS and SEQUENCES (J. M. Neale) —242pg

1870CATHOLIC HYMNS (Servite Fathers) —92pg

1872THE HYMNARY (Benjamin Webb & William Cooke) —665pg

1873HYMNS and POEMS (Fr. Edward Caswall) —489pg

1878LATIN HYMNAL “Cantiones Sacræ” (Joseph Mohr) —440pg

1880HYMN TRANSLATIONS by D. T. Morgan (Anglican) —314pg

1884ANNUS SANCTUS (Orby Shipley) —478pg

1884THE ROMAN HYMNAL (Fr. J. B. Young) —801pg

1885 • O CHRIST HIE MERK! (Fr. Guido Maria Dreves) —180pg

1889MANUAL of PRAYERS (Council of Baltimore)   {Hymns begin on pg 599}

1889ORIGINAL TEXTS in “Hymns Ancient & Modern” —406pg

1900BREVIARY HYMNS & MISSAL SEQUENCES (Bishop Bagshawe) —222pg

* 1905ARUNDEL HYMNS (Duke of Norfolk) —569pg (202MB)

1905NOTRE DAME HYMN BOOK (Birtchnell & Brown) —88pg

1905THE HYMNER (Anglican) —166pg

1906THE ENGLISH HYMNAL (Anglican) —pg917

1906SAINT BASIL HYMNAL (15th ed.) —428pg

1906CATHOLIC CHURCH HYMNAL (E. Tozer) —376pg

1907SUNDAY SCHOOL HYMN BOOK (Sisters of Notre Dame) —187pg

1907ANGLICAN HYMN BOOK (Bullock) —1,151pg

1908EARLY CHRISTIAN HYMNS (Judge D. J. Donahoe) —278pg

1908OFFICE HYMNS together with the PROPER MELODIES (Anglican) —506pg

1909THE CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Fr. Alfred Young) —296pg


1911CROWN HYMNAL (Fr. Kavanagh) —610pg

1912EUCHARISTICA (Hugh Thomas Henry) —230pg

* 1912WESTMINSTER HYMNAL (Sir Richard R. Terry) —423pg

* 1913SAINT HUGH HYMN BOOK (Fr. Adrian Fortescue) —168pg

* 1913SONGS OF SYON HYMNAL (George Woodward) —613pg

1913AMERICAN CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Marist Brothers) —509pg

1913 • DE LA SALLE HYMNAL (New York) —263pg

1913BOOK of HYMNS (Fr. Gregory Ould & William Sewell) —572pg

1914HOSANNA CATHOLIC HYMN BOOK (Fr. Ludwig Bonvin) —285pg

1914COLLECTED SEQUENCES and HYMNS (J. M. Neale) —460pg

1915HOLY CROSS HYMNAL (Cardinal O’Connell) —52pg

1916PANGE LINGUA ( Alan G. McDougall) —122pg

1918 • ST. BASIL HYMNAL (“completely remodelled”) —350pg   {Very Large File}

1920CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Fr. John G. Hacker) —348pg

1920SAINT GREGORY HYMNAL (Nicola A. Montani) —512pg

1921STANDARD CATHOLIC HYMNAL (James A. Reilly) —171pg

1922HYMNS of the BREVIARY and MISSAL (Fr. Matthew Britt) —390pg

1936PAROCHIAL HYMNAL (Fr. Carlo Rossini) —291pg

1937SAINT CECILIA HYMNAL (J. Alfred Schehl) —272pg

1937MOUNT MARY HYMNAL (Sister Gisela) —255pg

1938SAINT ROSE HYMNAL (Franciscan Sisters) —222pg

* 1939NEW WESTMINSTER HYMNAL (Ronald Knox) —452pg

1941CHANT SERVICE BOOK (Achille P. Bragers) —208pg

* 1942LAUDATE HYMNAL and CHOIRBOOK (Hohe, Koch, Green) —270pg

1943HYMNS OF THE DOMINICAN BREVIARY (Aquinas Byrnes) —694pg

* 1948DAILY HYMN BOOK (Westminster & Desclée) —360pg

1949 • Msgr. Ronald Knox “Trials of a Translator”

1952CANTATE OMNES HYMNAL — Buffalo, New York

1953SAINT PIUS X HYMNAL — Organist & Congregational editions

* 1954CATHOLIC HYMMNS — Fr. John Selner

* 1955CHRIST THE KING HYMNAL — Rev. Aloysius Knauff

* 1955MEDIATOR DEI HYMNAL (J. Vincent Higginson) —114pg

1955HYMNS of the ROMAN LITURGY (Fr. Joseph Connelly) —285pg

1957PARISH HYMNAL (Sister Catherine Cecilia) —72pg

1957LEEDS CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Crosiers) —232pg


1964 • Scottish: ST. ANDREW HYMNAL (Catholic) —434pg

1967DOMINICAN BREVIARY HYMNS —In four (4) parts

* A red star indicates the book is particularly noteworthy.

Saint Jean de Brébeuf brought the True Faith to the New World and underwent extreme suffering during his martyrdom. It was Brébeuf who said to Jogues, Garnier, and Chastellain in the summer of 1636:

“Fear no difficulties; there will be none for you, since it is your whole consolation to see yourself crucified with the Son of God.”

While Saint Brébeuf was working in the missions, the hymns of the Catholic Church were being completely revised by Pope Urban VIII, the same pope who granted Father Isaac Jogues special permission to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, even though his fingers had been brutally sawn off by the Iroquois.

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