PDF Download • “How To Serve Mass” (1651)

2017 November 29

“Pausing a little, arise, make Adoration to the Sacrament, give the Pax to those present, observe Order of calling, and Years…”

Msgr. Knox • “Ten Commandments” for Crime Stories

2017 November 29

Knox was a founding member of the “Detection Club,” which included Agatha Christie and G. K. Chesterton.

7 Rules • “Your Family and Adventide”

2017 November 28

Children need to see that everything takes second place to your relationship with Christ.

PBS • “Gregorian Chant at the Seminary”

2017 November 27

At the time I'm posting, this video has 355 views—let's see if we can raise that number!

40% savings!

2017 November 27

Here are some books you might consider…

PDF Download • “Evening Masses and Days of Obligation” (58 pages)

2017 November 25

Permission has been given to post this marvelous 2016 dissertation by Fr. Shawn Tunink.

Sing Salve Regina in Your Rosary

2017 November 25

A good chant to begin with. Print a copy with interlinear translation and join with one of the best known chants from the Church Universal.

Final Sunday after Pentecost (4th in November)

2017 November 25

“And from the fig-tree learn a parable: when the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh.”

“Simultaneous Fulfillment” of Mass Obligation?

2017 November 24

Christmas falls on a Monday this year—but documentation shows “double dipping” is forbidden.

Unapologetically Roman Catholic in New York City

2017 November 24

They open the doors to people of all faiths and backgrounds. But they will celebrate the Eucharist, Adore the Blessed Sacrament, and administer the sacraments boldly out on the open for all to witness and experience.

Arvo Pärt received the Ratzinger Prize

2017 November 23

"A beautiful choice, that of the commission, aimed at pointing out that new way for theology that is music”

“Meet Me In St. Louis”

2017 November 21

Jeff recently asked if directors take choir pictures and I can't say I do—but thankfully others did.

PDF Download • Authentic Irish Hymnal (164 pages)

2017 November 20

Imagine the amount of time required to typeset something like this!

Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua…

2017 November 20

“The heavens and the earth proclaim thy glory…”

Choir Members Photograph

2017 November 17

Do you take pictures of your choir? Photographs can serve as nice reminders of wonderful experiences.

“23rd” {repeat} Sunday after Pentecost (3rd in November)

2017 November 16

“…and without parables He did not speak to them; that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden from the foundation of the world.”

A Hymn That Just Keeps Popping Up

2017 November 16

Bach's music inhabits “a still and serious world…without color, without light, without motion” from which we cannot break away.

The Man Who Thrice Rejected Knighthood

2017 November 15

Excerpt from a documentary on “St. Thomas More” (Paul Scofield) which in 1966 won six Oscars at the Academy Awards.

SATB “Alleluia” (Fr. Morales) • for both OF and EF

2017 November 13

This piece is perfect for “stealthily” adding polyphony to the Ordinary Form.

Music and Evangelization

2017 November 13

It's an incredibly refreshing and dare I say beautiful movement within the Church today…

Fulton J. Sheen • “Hints On Public Speaking”

2017 November 10

We choirmasters are frequently called upon to speak in public.

23rd Sunday after Pentecost (2nd in November)

2017 November 09

“Amen I say to you, whatsoever, you ask when you pray, believe that you shall receive, and it shall be done to you.”

Image • Francisco Guerrero (d. 1599)

2017 November 09

It's based on Pacheco's version, created the year Guerrero died.

Vox Antiqua’s Debut

2017 November 09

My new choir made its debut on the Feast of Christ the King.

The Real Reason We Sing

2017 November 08

Let's not make this about ourselves.

New English Hymnal • Voice-Leading

2017 November 07

Constant critics are corrosive.

Archbishop Sheen Played The Organ!

2017 November 06

Sheen told Ferris that he wanted a classical repertoire at the cathedral in Rochester, including Gregorian chant.

6 Suggestions • “Promoting The Latin Mass”

2017 November 06

Msgr. Charles Pope has several sagacious suggestions!

Prayers of Preparation and Farewell

2017 November 05

Two prayers for improving one’s liturgical disposition

Never Print With Adobe Acrobat

2017 November 03

It's remarkable that owning fully-updated software and pristine hardware makes no difference…

PDF Download • All Souls Day

2017 November 02

Here's the booklet we used for All Souls (2 November).

Video • My New Project

2017 November 02

Vox Antiqua, the new Catholic professional choir in Hong Kong, in action!