“Benedictus” • Palestrina Uses The “Dragnet” Theme!

2016 November 30

Our Church is notoriously horrible at keeping up with cultural fads—because they're so ephemeral.

Unbelievable Track Recorded By One Voice!

2016 November 28

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pete Avendaño at the Sacred Music Symposium, held each year in Los Angeles.

Today Only! 40% off musical scores

2016 November 28

Why not pick up a copy of Kevin Allen's “Matri Divinae” collection?

Musical Resources • 1st Sunday of Advent

2016 November 27

“May we receive Thy mercy, O Lord, in the midst of Thy temple…”

Update on Sacra Liturgia Milano 2017

2016 November 27

Preliminary Speaker List and Background Information

Meatless Fridays • Were We Taught Correctly?

2016 November 26

“Ever wonder why McDonald’s decided in 1962 to put a piece of fish into a hamburger bun?” —Bishop Earl Boyea


2016 November 24

Pope Francis has said: “Friar Junípero was one of the founding fathers of the United States.”

Free Download • Simple Choral Midnight Mass Introit

2016 November 24

A simple setting of “Dominus Dixit ad Me” by Fr. Áureo Castro.

Cardinal Sarah Visits The Monastery of Solesmes

2016 November 23

If you read French, you'll understand these homilies.

PDF Download • “Ordo Missæ” As We Use It

2016 November 23

Do you provide something similar for your choirs?

Pastors & Church Musicians: Are We Really Working Together?

2016 November 22

Msgr. Marini recently spoke to a group of Italian musicians as part of a choral festival.

Resplendent Christmas Piece for Two Voices!

2016 November 22

This gem by Fr. Nicolas du Peron (d. 1963) incorporates Christmas carols in a most ingenious way.

A Triptych on Mercy • Reflection III

2016 November 20

The Beauty of Mercy

Fr. James Fryar, FSSP, on EWTN (16 November 2016)

2016 November 19

How Much Do You Know About The Latin Mass?

Liturgy and Sensory Issues

2016 November 19

Simplicity and predictability are important for being inclusive.

A Dad’s Dilemma • I pray and God determines.

2016 November 18

Working for the Church is wholly at odds with having a family and being present for them.

Seven Tips for the Organist

2016 November 15

I also want to say "thank you" to all of you who play the organ during the sacred liturgy. We owe you a great song of gratitude!

Did Pope Francis Denigrate “Rigid” Young Catholics?

2016 November 15

If 500 people attend Mass and one acts as lector, there are still 499 people “not participating” by that flawed logic…

Gorgeous Picture • “The Visitation”

2016 November 14

Quite interesting, containing additional mysteries for those who look carefully…

A Triptych on Mercy • Reflection II

2016 November 13

The Need for Mercy

Gregorian chant is not all the same

2016 November 12

Have you ever been asked to sing some Gregorian chant? How do you choose a representative piece?

The Legacy of Martin of Tours

2016 November 11

A Tribute to a Soldier-Saint on Veterans Day

Musical Resources • 13 November (1962 Missal)

2016 November 10

He said, “Make room there; for the girl is not dead, but sleepeth.” And they laughed Him to scorn.

CMAA Winter Sacred Music 2017

2016 November 10

Early Registration is still available for Winter Sacred Music 2017 (Birmingham, AL).

Complete “Ite Missa Est” for Parish Organist

2016 November 09

Accompaniments by Achille P. Bragers (1887-1955).

Sonnen: “I’ve never seen such a fine work of art.”

2016 November 09

Spot an ancient chasuble or rare picture of St. Wojtyła? Odds are it came from John Paul Sonnen.

Hysteria Over CDW Appointments?

2016 November 08

Including two myths: one about the EF, and one about the OF.

Do You Recognize This Hymn Tune?

2016 November 08

The Brébeuf hymnal will include texts by contemporary Roman Catholic poets.

Catholic Liturgy in Secular Sweden

2016 November 07

How does a tiny Catholic community in a secularized country celebrate Mass with the Pope?

A Triptych on Mercy • Reflection I

2016 November 06

The Meaning of Mercy

Musical Resources • 6 November (Extraordinary Form)

2016 November 04

“Grant that…through this sacrament which we have received, whatever is evil in our hearts may be restored by its gift of healing.”

Seraphim Singers Premiere “I Am the Land: A Poem in Memory of Óscar Romero”

2016 November 04

Assassinated on March 24, 1980 while saying Mass, Romero was beatified by Pope Francis on May 23, 2015.

New Release! • “Dies Irae” Rehearsal Video

2016 November 03

Also includes a printable score with literal English translation!

“Sanctus” Recorded By Young Ladies From Las Vegas • Fabulous!

2016 November 01

Palestrina cleverly interweaves an ancient hymn.