Changing The Good Friday Prayer For The Jews

2015 November 30

“Christianity is the perfect development of the Jewish religion…” —Fr. Leslie Rumble

Musical Resources • First Sunday of Advent (Extraordinary Form)

2015 November 29

“Arise in thy strength, we beseech thee, O Lord, and come…”

American Influence on the Liturgy

2015 November 27

The liturgy suffers under the weight of the culture of mediocrity and instant gratification. Most distressing is a false sense of liberty that promotes a sense of entitlement, placing the preferences and opinions of the individual above all else.

Clarity Regarding The Pius XII “Turkey” Indult

2015 November 27

Whether this rumor is accurate makes no difference, because the rules for Friday abstinence were changed in the 1960s.

Our Church Music Movement: How Are We Doing?

2015 November 24

I never dreamed that so many people love this stuff…and are willing to fight for it!

An Extraordinary Event: NCYC 2015

2015 November 23

Traditional Mass offered at National Catholic Youth Conference

St. Cecilia Academy for Pastoral Musicians

2015 November 22

The program seeks to broaden the knowledge of already well trained musicians so that they can become well trained liturgical musicians.

PDF Download • Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954)

2015 November 19

Some of the old Catholic hymnals were dreadful, but this one is splendid.

What can Men Do Against such Reckless Hate?

2015 November 19

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before." —Leonard Bernstein

PDF Download • “Liber Brevior” (1954)

2015 November 18

This special Solesmes book contains another version of the “Chants Abrégés.”

Sacred Music & Babies

2015 November 17

What's our end game?

Solesmes is not infallible…

2015 November 16

The accent on “adjúva” should be “ádjuva”

Should the Liturgy Be Televised?

2015 November 15

Introducing a New Book by Fr. Uwe Michael Lang

Fides et Ratio

2015 November 15

Celebrating the Great Balance of Albertus Magnus

How a Priest Saved Thousands in WW2

2015 November 14

A movie I have been meaning to see for years and now heartily endorse.

“Liturgy Wars” and Four Universal Principles

2015 November 13

An important approach when utilizing multiple styles in one liturgy is to filter all music through the most important musical and liturgical principals.

Sistine Chapel Choir has made Great Improvement

2015 November 12

The Sistine Chapel Choir is sounding like a British Boys' Choir in their new CD

The Sacral Language of Liturgiam Authenticam as Applied to Choral Diction

2015 November 11

The Church has its own language and its own culture. Are you a native speaker?

Stunning New Collection Of English Propers

2015 November 11

This book of organ accompaniments by John Ainslie covers every season, including ordinary time.

Don’t Fall For It

2015 November 10

"God has no grandchildren. Every generation must be a first generation follower of Christ."

The Only “Credential” That Matters

2015 November 09

“They should have been more offended by the Romanian doctor…” —Fr. George Rutler

Liturgical Happenings at Notre Dame

2015 November 08

Divine Liturgy and a new pipe organ

Simple 2-Part Canon For Men & Women

2015 November 07

You will love what Henri Durieux has done with this hymn melody.

Sermon on Poor Souls • Based on Wisdom 2:23—3:9

2015 November 07

A guest article by Fr. Valentine Young, OFM

Chore wars and maintaining motivation

2015 November 07

Setting up choir folders would have to rank 50XP and 30 gold pieces with a 50% chance of battling a carnivorous ring binder to gain a rare fragment of an illuminated manuscript.

Musical Resources • 23rd Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 November 07

“Remit, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the sins of Thy people…”

The People Deserve Better

2015 November 06

Two documents that speak directly to the issue of liturgical experimentation and abuse.

Liturgical Press Has An “Oops” Moment

2015 November 05

“If we had known what the prayers really said, we would not have wanted to pray them any longer.” —Paul Inwood

Active Participation in the Traditional Latin Mass

2015 November 05

2 Churches demonstrate active participation in the Tridentine Mass.

Trination on All Souls: My Thoughts

2015 November 03

Having invited reader input the other day, I offer now my own opinion.

My Personal Lesson Plan for Training Probationers

2015 November 03

Here is the entire set of lesson plans I use for training our Probationers.

Should Priests Trinate on All Souls’ Day?

2015 November 01

Whether the Permission to Do So Constitutes an Encouragement to Do So

Musical Resources • Feast of All Saints (November 1st)

2015 November 01

“…most humbly we pray that—since so great is the number of thine elect pleading in our behalf—we may partake, in all their fulness, of thine abounding mercies…”