Three Years Later

2014 November 30

Blessings of the New Translation of the Roman Missal, Third Typical Edition Choir Communiqué • 29 November 2014

2014 November 29

Final message before Mass on 30 November.

Tutorial For Priests: Singing The Prayers After The “Asperges Me”

2014 November 29

Priests often unknowingly drift into another tone, which is not allowed.

A self-fulfilling prophecy and why we don’t sing the Creed

2014 November 28

But how many times have we heard: “We shouldn’t use that that because nobody can sing it.” This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, is it not?

Advent Meditation

2014 November 27

As we turn the corner to Advent, we might draw some inspiration from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Musical Resources • 1st Sunday of Advent

2014 November 26

Including scores, audio files, and organ accompaniments.

VIDEO • "Why Choralife Is Special"

2014 November 25

"Because you don't need to wait weeks and weeks to receive your orders…"

Weakest Argument Ever Made Against "Ad Orientem"

2014 November 24

Some weren't happy with Bill Murray's opinions on the Latin Mass, and a certain editor—in his zeal to refute—made an egregious error.

Looking East for Advent

2014 November 23

Bishop Conley proposes celebration “ad orientem” for the season of Advent.

What Will ICEL Do Next?

2014 November 23

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth gives details on what ICEL is doing now that the Roman Missal project has been completed.

For the Carol Enthusiasts

2014 November 22

Looking at books of Christmas carols, some out of print, some available right now.

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #60

2014 November 21

Today's installment is a rare image of the "Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary" — but it's not the "Presentation" you might guess…

The Traditional Way Of Having "Asperges Me"

2014 November 21

Including a special PDF download of the "Asperges Me" you'll want to obtain immediately! Choir Communiqué • 21 November 2014

2014 November 21

A basic plan for 30 November.

New Video In Honor Of Saint Cecilia

2014 November 21

"…a church which preserves the memories of my own profession: The Church of St. Cecilia."

“Ordo Missae” • In Latin & English (1957)

2014 November 21

Including the rubrics for Sung Masses and a special English translation.

Why Are the Readings Not Sung at Mass?

2014 November 20

The ancient and beautiful practice of chanting readings at Mass has largely disappeared in the Ordinary Form. What happened? Choir Communiqué • 19 November 2014

2014 November 19

They were poised…

New Propers Collection By Lawrence M. Rutherford

2014 November 19

"English Psalm-Tone Propers for the Ordinary Form of the Mass" is now available in print! Choir Communiqué • 18 November 2014

2014 November 18

I've been without internet access for more than a week. Please forgive me.

A Photograph "Progressive" Liturgists Cannot Abide

2014 November 18

Pope Paul VI wearing the Cappa Magna.

"As you might imagine, it was a disaster."

2014 November 18

"While most worshipers were stumbling through the Introit or Collect, a few fluent in Latin would be loudly racing through the prayers."

Stephanie Gray • Pro-Life Interview

2014 November 18

EWTN interview (7 November 2014) discussing ectopic pregnancies and much more.

Authentic Sacred Music Programs & King Of The Hill

2014 November 17

We’re called to discover Christ and conform our lives to His teachings.

Colloquium Friends & Chant Workshops

2014 November 16

“Adventus Dona” in the Diocese of San Diego

Advent Music

2014 November 15

Waiting for the season of waiting.

I’m not here to make you or me happy. | Music as a Virtue

2014 November 14

It is not the point of sacred music to make individuals or even the Music Director happy.

Difference between the Two Priesthoods

2014 November 13

What exactly is the difference between the universal priesthood of the baptized and the ministerial priesthood of the ordained?

Restoring A Sense of the Sacred to the Mass

2014 November 12

A Great Article over at One Peter Five

Eyes on Your Own Paper

2014 November 12

The importance of focusing on our own work.

St. Thomas Aquinas College In California

2014 November 10

Below are a few pictures I snapped during my visit.

"Fear Of The Dark-Skinned" — Really?

2014 November 09

"Right-wing Christians push fear of the dark-skinned and fear of honesty." —National Catholic Reporter (28 October 2014)

Sacred Architecture & the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

2014 November 09

When we come to church, there should be no question whether we are in a church or in a coffeehouse or in a multipurpose gym.

Preparing for an EF Sung Mass

2014 November 08

Preparing music folders for a Missa Cantata - all the essentials and a few handy desirables.

Can’t sing? Sing the dialogues!

2014 November 07

Reverence, prayer, and internal participation increased through this act of external participation.

Those Selfless Ordinary Form Priests

2014 November 06

Yesterday evening—on his day off, after another Mass he'd offered—I observed an OF priest saying the 1962 Missal in his private chapel.

How Liberalism Undermines Itself

2014 November 06

Freedom for all sounds nice in theory, but how does it work in practice?

Prepared to Receive: the Importance of Disposition

2014 November 05

Warm-ups and reverent liturgy.

Fr. Christopher Smith Weighs In

2014 November 04

"Why am I excited? Well, every year we spend about $4,000 on those paperback missalettes…"

The Most Disturbing Change To The 1962 Missal

2014 November 03

We're not as smart as we'd thought … and our forefathers weren't as dumb as we'd assumed.

FSSP Los Angeles • What Is The Table?

2014 November 02

This beautiful video explains a "safe place" for Catholics in Los Angeles.

Announcement: Solemn High Requiem In Los Angeles On Monday

2014 November 02

Traditional Latin Mass at a cemetery in Los Angeles: TOMORROW.

Wakes in Church & Funerals at the Parlor

2014 November 02

A Dramatic Reversal

All Saints celebrations

2014 November 01

An All Saints Day party with a major digression on Halloween and All Souls Day.