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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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Legitimate and necessary concern for current realities in the concrete lives of people cannot make us forget the true nature of the liturgical actions. It is clear that the Mass is not the time to “celebrate” human dignity or purely terrestrial claims or hopes. It is rather the sacrifice which renders Christ really present in the sacrament.
— Pope Saint John Paul II (20 March 1990)

PDF Download • Symposium Booklet (159 pages)
published 12 June 2019 by Jeff Ostrowski

HE SYMPOSIUM BOOKLET will be given to each participant in a beautiful hard-bound version. (It will also contain additional items not provided in the DRAFT COPY below.) This is done each year, and the folks seem to appreciate it. This booklet is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. That’s because it’s a “teaching” booklet. In other words, the entire thing is designed to give choirmasters helpful tips and intriguing ideas; and we talk about all the information contained in this (somewhat bizarre) packet, which is made completely from scratch each year. We delve into each page, explaining different approaches.

Feel free to download this very large (170MB) draft copy. I am sure there are plenty of errors hidden in these pages:

    * *  PDF Download • Draft Booklet (159 pages)

Update: The completed file (not the Draft File above) came to 238 pages, and we corrected many errors! Thank you!