Brébeuf Hymn #464 • “Christ ist erstanden”

2019 July 30

The text of this hymn is the Church's oldest Latin Eucharistic hymn, translated by Fr. Adrian Fortescue.

Announcing: Saint Rita Choral Academy!

2019 July 30

The parish's new venture, the St. Rita Choral Academy, is the brainchild of Dr. Alfred Calabrese.

Jennifer D. Behnke • “Brébeuf Hymnal Review”

2019 July 25

“How I love the multiple settings of each text, which can be interchanged as required by seasonal and festal usage.” —Maestro Behnke

The Day Music Theory Failed Me

2019 July 25

Readers already know I believe in the value of Music Theory…

A Call to Educate Our Future Musicians

2019 July 24

Most of these students, without ever having studied the Church's documents on liturgical music, have an innate sense that our sacred mysteries require sacred music... and they WANT IT!

Brébeuf Hymn #517 • “Veni Redemptor Gentium”

2019 July 24

This recording was completed last night (23 July 2019).

Brébeuf Hymn #156 • “Christe Redemptor”

2019 July 20

The Soprano line was sung by a young lady in the 8th grade—and she did very well.

“Boys Like A Challenge!” • Charles Cole Interviewed

2019 July 20

“If you set the bar low, a boy will crawl underneath it—but if you set the bar high, he will leap over it.” —Charles Cole

Can Girls In The 2nd Grade Sing SATB Hymns?

2019 July 18

If a girl in the 2nd grade can learn it after hearing it only a few times, I believe everyone is capable of learning it.

PDF Download • “Seasonal Index” (Brébeuf Hymnal)

2019 July 16

I can’t always recognize a hymn tune by its name, especially when the Missalette only provides lyrics. Please don’t judge me; that’s the honest truth.

“For of all sad words of tongue or pen…”

2019 July 16

…the saddest are these: “It might have been!”

(Individual Parts) • New Hymn by Richard J. Clark

2019 July 13

During the Symposium, a wonderful young lady from Las Vegas taught students how to create multi-track recordings.

Chant any Psalms and Antiphons

2019 July 13

Liturgy of the Hours and Divine Office books become enormous when they include all the music for singing the psalms. Fortunately here are the tools to bring the music to your screen.

Our children must at the very least be exposed to the great music of the Church.

2019 July 12

Traditional hymnody is often easier to sing: simpler melodically and rhythmically, and generally more substantive in theology.

Hymn Harmony: Fifty Examples—Good and Bad!

2019 July 09

We will not be considering musically absurd examples from the past.

In Support of the Choir School Tradition

2019 July 09

St. Paul's Choir School is one of only three Catholic choir schools in the United States, and provides an approach we might call the apprenticeship method.

In Gratitude for Choral Singers

2019 July 05

I am deeply grateful to faith-filled choral singers because of their willingness to understand these 10 things

Accompanying Gregorian Chant: “Counter-Melody”

2019 July 04

Do you hear the little counter-melody added by the organist to several verses?

“First Images” • Sacred Music Symposium 2019

2019 July 03

…including a live recording of the Kyrie by Palestrina!

(Live Recording) • Hymn by Richard J. Clark

2019 July 03

Recordings from Symposium 2019 are beginning to appear!

“Keynote Address” • Sacred Music Symposium 2019

2019 July 02

By Fr. James Fryar, FSSP—recorded live.

St. Paul’s Choir School Appoints New Director of Music

2019 July 01

James Kennerley's "rehearsal with the men and boys was brilliant as is his organ playing."