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Giovanni Doni is known for having changed the name of note “Ut,” renaming it “Do.” He convinced his contemporaries to make the change by arguing that 1) “Do” is easier to pronounce than “Ut,” and 2) “Do” is an abbreviation for “Dominus,” the Latin word for the Lord, Who is the tonic and root of the world. There is much academic speculation that Giovanni Doni also wanted to imprint himself into musical canon in perpetuity because “Do” is also ulteriorly an abbreviation for his family name.
— Giovanni Battista Doni died in 1647AD

Christus Vincit - Laudes Regiae
published 29 October 2016 by Veronica Brandt

YPING UP CHANT was what drew me into the world of Sacred Music. A professor of mathematics recommended using the esoteric document preparation system known as LaTeX for my undergraduate thesis. Some time later I volunteered to type up Adoro Te Devote for an after-school catechism class. After some frustration with Meinrad fonts, I started using OpusTeX. The rest is history.

This goes some way to explain why I don’t always know where the music I type comes from. I just type up what I’m given.

Here I have two versions of Christus Vincit in chant notation, 4 pages each in pdf:

    * *  Christus Vincit in a Sarum style, typed up for the Ballarat to Bendigo Christus Rex Pilgrimage

    * *  Christus Vincit in a more generic style transcribed from Percy Jones’ Pius X Hymnal

Only today I read the some of the story behind the music and learned that this piece is better known as Laudes Regiae or Royal Praises. This music goes back to the time of Charlemagne!

And they sing it in the Vatican:

Also at CMAA Chant Intensives.

And there are many more recordings out there.

For all you Extraordinary Form attendees, I wish you a fantastic Christus Rex Sunday for tomorrow. For all the rest, you still have time to prepare for this feast between Holy Souls and Advent. All up a great time of year.

Christus Vincit!   Christus Regnat!   Christus Imperat!