Personal Issues Manifested in the Mass

2015 July 31

Personal tensions can rise to the highest boiling point during Mass and no other place. Why is this? As it turns out, there’s a pretty interesting reason.

A Few More Thoughts on the Chorister Audition

2015 July 30

At the end of the audition, most of the students experience a great sense of accomplishment and really consider it an honor to be accepted into the choir!

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen On Gregorian Chant

2015 July 30

“I did my best to give utterance to all those black notes in the missal.” —Fulton J. Sheen

The Anglican can dress anything up?

2015 July 29

Recently, I came across a video of a Anglican boys' choir singing Dan Schutte's "Here I am Lord"... Choir Communiqué • 29 July 2015

2015 July 29

“A hymn, O God, becometh Thee in Sion…”

Musical Resources • 10th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 July 29

The recessional is bright, happy, and beautiful.

“When You See Rome, You Will Lose Your Faith.”

2015 July 29

Only the blind can avoid facing this reality: the biggest liturgical crisis is in Rome.

A Most Devastating Change By Pope Paul VI

2015 July 28

“We strongly resent the implication that we and our children are not sufficiently intelligent to understand the simple Latin of the Mass…” —Manifesto of the Catholic Laity (1943)

The Church of Our Savior

2015 July 27

And the Case of the Vanishing Icons

Why It’s Pointless To Argue Over Our Roman Missal Translation

2015 July 27

“Women forced to sell their bodies in desperation and fear” —From a 2013 GIA hymnal

Vesting Prayers • Part 4 of 8

2015 July 26

The Alb

Why it's great to be Catholic

2015 July 25

The thing that stands out is the enormous breadth of the Church Universal. Through all times, all places, all languages this Mystical Body of Christ is alive and drawing men to God. What other religious tradition can even come close?

Pope Pius XI and “Concelebration”

2015 July 24

Can anyone shed light on this?

Review • Bread from Heaven

2015 July 23

A collection of English Eucharistic motets published by Heath Morber and Ben Yanke

Polyphony (SATB) By Verdelot • With Optional Hymn “Christe Supreme”

2015 July 23

Amazing! Verdelot's cadence here sounds quite modern! Choir Communiqué • 22 July 2015

2015 July 22

“Let the communion of Thy sacrament … cleanse us from sin and make us of one mind & heart in Thy service…”

The “Little Rock Nine” & Sacred Music

2015 July 22

How could closing down all the schools be a good plan?

Musical Resources • 9th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 July 22

The organist will play softly at the Offertory.

Fr. Carlo Rossini Is Wrong About “EU”

2015 July 21

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing how to correctly pronounce “hagióque pnéumate.”

Fr. Robert E. Barron To Be Made A Bishop!

2015 July 21

Three new auxiliary bishops for Los Angeles!

Should Children Have To Audition?

2015 July 20

There is a proper balance between an impossibly hard formal audition and the usual "any child can join" policy that exists in the typical parish children's choir.

Videos • Bishop-Elect Robert Barron on the Liturgy

2015 July 20

People should not be coming to Mass for the emotional high

Is Renaissance Music Too Expressive For Holy Mass?

2015 July 20

“To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.”

“Sacred Vs. Secular Music” • Fr. John C. Selner

2015 July 20

“…like man, Mary, you are IN—really cool among women.”

Vesting Prayers • Part 3 of 8

2015 July 19

The Amice

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2015

2015 July 18

Summer Sacred Music Workshop in Jasper, GA, on August 15.

Warm ups

2015 July 18

Starting off choir practice with a game or two. Then a prayer before choir practice.

Church Needs “Disposable Art” Created To Last “Not Centuries, But Weeks (Or Hours).”

2015 July 18

Fr. Robert W. Hovda argues that “Little Green Apples” can be sung during Mass.

Carpeting Is the Enemy of Congregational Singing

2015 July 17

The removal of carpeting is the most effective way to improve many aspects of the liturgy. Externally, what benefits most is congregational singing. Choir Communiqué • 16 July 2015

2015 July 16

Ever graciously bestow upon us in abundance, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the spirit of thinking and doing what things are right…

Is Latin Impossible For Choirs?

2015 July 16

When priests came into Bishop Trautman's office asking permission, he would start speaking Latin to them.

Afterthoughts on the Colloquium

2015 July 16

Some afterthoughts on the Sacred Music Colloquium XXV

Musical Resources • 8th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 July 16

“The master in this Gospel is praising, not the wrongful act of the unfaithful steward, but the peculiar astuteness with which he makes friends who will be useful when things go amiss.” (Maredsous N. T.)

“Asperges Me” • Gregorian Chant

2015 July 15

In the Extraordinary Form, the “Asperges Me” is only used on Sundays.

1951 Solemn Pontifical Field Mass • With 100-Voice “Palestrina Cathedral Choir”

2015 July 14

Following the Mass, Archbishop Joseph H. Schlarman was made an honorary Indian chief.

The Day Fulton J. Sheen Made A Mistake

2015 July 13

“Sheen told a friend of mine that anything he’d ever said of significance was taken from either Knox or Chesterton.” —Fr. George Rutler

SATB “Kyrie Eleison” • Henri Durieux

2015 July 13

It's extremely short and not difficult—yet fresh & gorgeous.

Vesting Prayers • Part 2 of 8

2015 July 12

The Hand Washing

Five ways to print the Propers

2015 July 11

Printing copies of the propers is very handy for singers not yet confident with the Liber and other books.

As church musicians, what sustains us?

2015 July 10

As musicians, what sustains us? Certainly, good music is a requirement. Not just good music, but beauty itself.

“You Will Now Feel These Interior Sentiments…”

2015 July 10

Can you imagine a liturgical commentator standing at the front of Church declaring something like that?

Video • “Benedict XVI Receives two Honorary Doctorates on Sacred Music”

2015 July 09

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI received two Honorary Doctorates on Sacred Music last Saturday

Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update VI

2015 July 09

Report on the sixth (last) day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh Choir Communiqué • 9 July 2015

2015 July 09

The sky is the limit for us!!!

Musical Resources • 7th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 July 09

The organist will play softly at the Offertory.

Beware Of Microphones!

2015 July 08

My mother was present during that Mass and recorded some brief snippets on her iPhone.

Short, Fresh, & Beautiful • SATB “Ave Maris Stella”

2015 July 07

This piece by Fr. Antonin Lhoumeau will knock your socks off!

UGLY • Just Plain, Old-Fashioned Ugly

2015 July 07

Have you noticed that contemporary music was not forced upon congregations the same way contemporary architecture was?

The Beauty Of Ancient Catholic Manuscripts

2015 July 06

Medieval manuscripts were normally created by (at least) two monks: one drew, one wrote.

A Must Have Resource for Catholic Schools

2015 July 06

Pastors and music directors, this is for you!

Vesting Prayers • Part 1 of 8

2015 July 05

Over the coming weeks, I will present a series of reflections on the vesting prayers.

Clarence Thomas: “I waited 25 years to return to the Church”

2015 July 04

“Older people have an obligation not to spew their cynicism on our youth.” —Justice Thomas

Musical Resources • 6th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 July 04

The organist will play softly at the Offertory.

Don't compare your kids

2015 July 04

It may feel like forever, but children do grow up. The days are long but the years are short. Today’s toddlers are tomorrow’s altar servers and choir members. Then we can look back and whisper a “Thanks be to God.”

Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update V

2015 July 03

Report on the fifth day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh

I Have No Idea How to Solve this Problem

2015 July 03

A dilemma for parents that has resurfaced many times is how to manage raising children in the faith while working for the Church, and I have no idea how to solve it.

Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update IV

2015 July 02

Report on the fourth day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh

Annibale Bugnini’s Commentary (June 1967)

2015 July 02

“The faithful everywhere have responded generously, and have greeted the new liturgy with great joy.” —Archbishop Bugnini (1967)

More Than 10,000 Attend Chartres Pilgrimage

2015 July 02

“I considered myself to be a good Catholic, but when I went I realized how little I really cared for and lived my Faith.” —Margaret Walsh

Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update III

2015 July 01

Report on the third day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh

Only Priests Can Save Catholic Music

2015 July 01

Including thirteen (13) complete collections of Mass Propers…with audio examples!