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Andrew Leung is a seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio. He has served as Director of Music at St. Pius X Church (Atlanta) and taught Gregorian chant at the Cistercian Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Georgia). For two years, he will be studying in Macau, China.
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— Most Rev. Bishop Strickland (15 December)

Chant Workshop for Clergy
published 31 December 2015 by Andrew Leung

CTL Clergy Workshop AINT AMBROSE SCHOOL OF CHANT is organizing a Music Workshop for Clergy entitled, Finding your Voice: The Role of the Priest and Deacon and How to Sing with Confidence. The workshop will be held at Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church in Jasper, GA. The event will be from 10am to 2pm on January 16. The deadline for registration is January 5.

Fr. Charles Byrd and Bridget Scott will serve as the faculty members for this workshop. I have worked with both of them in the past; they both have great visions and knowledge of the Liturgy and Sacred Music. Fr. Byrd is the current pastor of Our Lady of the Mountains. Before that, he has taught in seminaries and served on Diocesan Liturgy Committee. Bridget Scott has been working as music director for many years, and she is currently serving as the music director of Our Lady of the Mountains and the chant instructor at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA. Here is how she describe this upcoming workshop:

Singing the dialogue prayers and chants of the Mass can be so intimidating for some priests and deacons that they are reluctant to do so. Others, may find themselves needing a few vocal tips or pointers to make their sung parts a bit more musical and polished. Still others may just desire to become more proficient in singing the Mass by practicing with others. The purpose of this workshop is to help priests and deacons (and deacons-to-be) to feel confident and comfortable chanting the parts of the Mass that are specifically theirs. Singing or chanting the Mass elevates the texts above mere speech and adds to the solemnity and nobility of our worship. It is a worthy endeavor. Please bring a Roman Missal if you have one.

A lot of people are making their new year resolutions right now. Would chanting the Mass be one of those? If you are not a priest, deacon or seminarian, please forward this to your pastors and friends who might find it interesting.

There will be a $25 fee for this workshop that will cover a lunch and the music packet. More information and the registration form can be found on the website of St. Ambrose School of Chant.