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In the lasting inner turmoil of his years in the mission country, in the loathing and revulsion of spirit, in the mental torment of life with the Indians, St. Noël Chabanel underwent a supremely protracted and excruciating martyrdom. Every day was an agony for his sensibilities. He was the youngest and the last of the eight Jesuit martyrs of North America to die (on 8 December 1649).
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We sternly urge adherence to the established norms by those who raise an uproar or a challenge in the name of a misunderstood creative freedom, and thus inflict so much harm on the Church with their rash innovations, so vulgar, so frivolous—and sometimes even lamentably profane. Otherwise the essence of dogma and obviously of ecclesiastical discipline will be weakened, in line with the famous axiom: "lex orandi, lex credendi." We therefore call for absolute loyalty so that the rule of faith may remain safe.
— Pope Paul VI (27 June 1977)

Fr. Jeffrey Keyes Featured In Regina Magazine
published 29 October 2013 by Corpus Christi Watershed

ATHER JEFFREY KEYES was recently featured in Regina Magazine, a beautiful Catholic publication we’ve mentioned in the past. As usual, Regina includes beautiful images like this one.

Below is a short excerpt. Notice that Fr. Keyes mentions Fr. Lawrence Heiman, C.PP.S. (1917-2012), a well-known promoter of Gregorian chant.

ENTERED THE SEMINARY in 1971. In four years I learned how to play guitar and got a degree in Thomistic Philosophy. I left the seminary in 1976 and worked in a hot dog stand and an insurance company before re-entering another seminary in 1977.

The ’70s did horrific damage to the church and I was criticized for associating priesthood too closely to the sacraments and worship and not enough to social justice. They did not want a “musical priest.” I was also told to throw away that old Thomistic stuff.

Disgusted and hurt, I went back to selling hotdogs and making music in a liberal Catholic church on Sunday evenings. I also spent summers in the mid-West working on Graduate Degree in Liturgy and music. When I first got to that Midwest College, all my professors in music were priests, Precious Blood Priests. I am especially grateful to Fr. Bob Onofrey and Fr. Larry Heiman for encouraging me to be both musician and priest. After all, if they could do it, why could I not do it?

Fr. Heiman would become my mentor in Gregorian Chant for more than 30 years until his death at the age of 92. I joined the Precious Blood community in 1988. I was professed in 1990 and ordained to the priesthood, October 26, 1991.

You can read the full article here. Fr. Keyes is also featured in Sacred, Beautiful, & Universal, a 60-minute documentary on Sacred Music.