In Gratitude for Choral Singers
2019 July 05 by Richard J. Clark

I am deeply grateful to faith-filled choral singers because of their willingness to understand these 10 things

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Expectations Exceeded at the Symposium!
2018 July 30 by Guest Author

“If you occasionally share a habit of mine for getting stuck in one style, take new inspiration here!” —Miss Phoebe Wing

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Summer 2017 looks to be a blockbuster period for sacred music activity.

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A new chant workshop in upstate New York in June 2017.

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Rehearsal Videos • Masterpiece w/ Cantus Firmus
2016 June 09 by Jeff Ostrowski

Can you tell which voice is not mine?

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O Salutaris Hostia • Do You Like This Version?
2016 May 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

Download this 47-page booklet … and please pardon any typos!

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May Crowning • The Official Antiphon
2016 May 18 by Jeff Ostrowski

Do you agree this is a dark antiphon?

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A Special “Gaudeamus” For 31 May
2016 May 07 by Jeff Ostrowski

Nobody has been able to explain why they changed the psalm verse…

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2016 • Sacred Music Symposium (Last Year's)
2016 February 05 by Jeff Ostrowski

We’re approaching capacity—if you’re interested, we need to hear from you soon!

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