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Saving the Church, One Choir at a Time
2018 August 29 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

On the ground in our parishes and in our choirs is where the truth lies. Let us not retreat.

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Of Estate Sales, Prayers, and Mass Attendance
2018 July 04 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

I started to realize how little time we spend thinking about these things…

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Repetition at the School Mass: “Do it again!”
2018 January 30 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Grown up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony.

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The Real Reason We Sing
2017 November 08 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Let’s not make this about ourselves.

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Five Ways To Make Dogma “Live Loudly Within You”
2017 September 18 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Thank you, Senator Feinstein!

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Josquin Desprez • A Marian Masterpiece
2017 May 25 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Josquin surely belongs in the pantheon of history’s most important composers.

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Kids Are Colorblind But Adults Are Not
2017 May 03 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Adults with an agenda teach children their own biases.

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Is This Any Way to Pray at Mass?
2017 April 27 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

My daughter freaked out when I told her this.

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7 Points • “The Joy of Lent”
2017 February 23 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Does Lent really put people in a bad mood?

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The Pedagogy of the School Mass Liturgy
2017 February 16 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

The weekly school Mass may be the only Mass some students ever attend.

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Nostalgia Is Not Rigid
2016 December 01 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

I don’t think young people (or most people, frankly) are drawn to the pre-conciliar Mass because of nostalgia.

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Has Our Catholic Culture Been Completely Dismantled?
2016 August 31 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.

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The Positive Impact Of Parish Events
2016 June 30 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

These things must begin at the parish level.

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Has The Church Rejected Her Inheritance?
2016 March 10 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

The richness of liturgy and music should never be abandoned.

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May 2016 • Major Choral Event In Dallas!
2016 January 18 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

A tremendously exciting moment in the Catholic musical world!

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The Theology of a C-sharp Minor Chord
2016 January 07 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Every time I listen to this piece I’m still shocked.

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An Antidote For Clericalism: Sung Vespers
2015 December 17 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

The public singing of Vespers is an antidote to the kind of clericalism frequently condemned by Pope Francis.

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The Church has its own language and its own culture. Are you a native speaker?

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It’s All About The Players
2015 October 29 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

The social construct of a choir should be like an inverted pyramid.

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The Church Must Be Countercultural
2015 October 15 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

What music is appropriate for a wedding?

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