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Ordained in 2011, Father Friel served for five years as Parochial Vicar at St. Anselm Parish in Northeast Philly. He is currently studying toward an STL in sacred liturgy at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.
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The soul is distracted from that which is sung by a chant that is employed for the purpose of giving pleasure. But if the singer chant for the sake of devotion, he pays more attention to what he says, both because he lingers more thereon, and because, as Augustine remarks (Confess. x, 33), “each affection of our spirit, according to its variety, has its own appropriate measure in the voice, and singing, by some hidden correspondence wherewith it is stirred.” The same applies to the hearers, for even if some of them understand not what is sung, yet they understand why it is sung, namely, for God's glory: and this is enough to arouse their devotion.
— St. Thomas Aquinas

Two February Workshops
published 13 January 2019 by Fr. David Friel

ARLY February will feature two interesting workshops in the field of sacred music. One of these opportunities will take place in Chicago, while the other will be held in Indiana. Both promise to be beneficial for participants.

First, the Lumen Christi Institute is sponsoring a Mass for the feast of the Presentation (Candlemas) on February 2, 2019 at 9 AM in the Bond Chapel of the University of Chicago. Music for the liturgy will be provided by Schola Antiqua. Following Mass will be a breakfast and symposium, including several very scholarly speakers:

Michael Anderson (Eastman School of Music)
Margot Fassler (University of Notre Dame)
Peter Jeffery (Universtiy of Notre Dame)
Prior Peter Funk, OSB (Monastery of the Holy Cross)
Robert Kendrick (University of Chicago)

The theme of the symposium is “Sacred Music in Context and Practice.” More information is available here.

Second, the 10th annual National Winter Pastoral Chant Conference will be held February 4-8, 2019 (Monday through Friday). Sponsored each year by the Saint Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant (an institute of the University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX), the site for this conference is St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana.

More information about the Winter Pastoral Chant Conference is available here.