Trappist Monks in Hong Kong Chanting

2019 January 17

Monks in Hong Kong chanting parts of the Missa "Cum Jubilo"...

Bishop Barron Vs. Hymn by Marty Haugen (2018)

2019 January 16

“Heaven is not light-years away; that's a silly way to think about it.” —Most Rev’d Robert Barron

“Church Music Manifesto” (2019)

2019 January 14

Mass should be a peaceful experience for the congregation, not an opportunity to be harassed.

Two February Workshops

2019 January 13

A Symposium in Chicago and the Winter Pastoral Chant Conference in Indiana

New England Catholic Choral Festival & Mass • 2019

2019 January 11

It's never just about the music. It's about formation and transformation.

“How To Use The Brébeuf Hymnal” (Video)

2019 January 08

Yay! Short tutorial videos eradicate confusion!

“Missa de Angelis” • But in Iroquoian! (1865)

2019 January 03

Many people don't realize that gorgeous plainsong books were printed in the 19th century…but they were not in Latin.

“Mister Eye” • Do You Mind Him?

2019 January 02

What do you think of “eye rhymes” in hymnody?

Marcel Dupré • “Live” Recording (2 Feb 1964)

2019 January 01

A recording of Bach's A-minor Prelude & Fugue made by the master at age 78.