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Fota X Conference (and other Summer Opportunities)
published 7 May 2017 by Fr. David Friel

DD ANOTHER event to the list of liturgy conferences planned for this summer. In addition to Sacra Liturgia Milano, the CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium, the Los Angeles Sacred Music Symposium, and the Wethersfield Institute Chant Workshop, the annual Fota Conference has just been announced.

For the tenth consecutive year, liturgical scholars, students, and enthusiasts will gather in Cork, Ireland for a three-day conference hosted by the St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy. You can view my recap of last year’s excellent Fota IX conference, which I was fortunate to attend.

The subject for this year’s Fota conference is Resourcing the Prayers of the Roman Liturgy: Patristic Sources. Papers will be delivered by speakers including: Prof. Manfred Hauke (Lugano), Prof. Dieter Boehler (Frankfurt), Fr. Joseph Briody (Boston, MA), Gregory diPippo (New Liturgical Movement), Dr. Johannes Nebel (Austria), Fr. Jao-Paolo Mendanca Dantas, (Fortaleza, Brazil), and Fr. Kevin Zilverberg (St. Paul, MN).

For those keeping score at home, here is a chronological lineup of liturgy-related opportunities for Summer 2017:

Sacra Liturgia – Milan, Italy (June 6-9)
CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium – St. Paul, MN (June 19-24)
Sacred Music Symposium – Los Angeles, CA (June 26-30)
CMAA Ward Method Summer Course – Pittsburgh, PA (June 26-30)
Wethersfield Institute Chant Workshop – Amenia, NY (June 27-30)
Teaching Gregorian Chant to Children – St. Joseph’s Seminary Dunwoodie (July 5-8)
Fota X Conference – Cork, Ireland (July 8-10)

This summer will see chant activity in a wide array of areas: East coast, West coast, Midwest, Ireland, and Italy. Each of these events promises to introduce the treasury of the Church’s music to many new people. These workshops will also deepen the knowledge and experience of many folks already working with chant in their parishes and institutions.

The placement of these opportunities across the United States and Europe is very good news for the renewal of sacred music. It is simple evidence that there is a widespread need being met. May the Lord bring forth much fruit from each of these events!