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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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“In 1854 John Mason Neale co-founded an order of women dedicated to nursing the sick. Many Anglicans in his day, however, were very suspicious of anything suggestive of Roman Catholicism. Only nine years earlier, John Henry Newman had encouraged Catholic practices in Anglican churches and had ended up becoming a Roman Catholic. This encouraged the suspicion that anyone such as Neale was an agent of the Vatican, assigned to destroy Anglicanism by subverting it from within. Once, Neale was attacked and mauled at a funeral of one of the Sisters. From time to time unruly crowds threatened to stone him or to burn his house.”
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Musical Resources • Pentecost Sunday
published 3 June 2017 by Jeff Ostrowski

These musical programs are for FSSP.la, the new FSSP Apostolate in Los Angeles.




PDF Score (Singer)   •   Mp3   •   YouTube   •   Organist

INTROIT   •   Sung by the men.

PDF Score (Singer)   •   Practice Audio (Singer)


We will revert to Guerrero’s KYRIE with three sections: #3347, #3661, and #7332.

We will take a break from the Palestrina, #6995.


Plainsong Gloria IX from the Campion Hymnals, accompanied by the organist score.

Begin learning #5612.


We will sing #7503 (an Alleluia by Victoria).

As always, the verses are found in our Goupil Gradual books.

Today there is a special SEQUENCE we talked about. We will not do the 14th century version we used to do.

CREDO IV   •   Alternatim

We often sing this version: #3445.   But sometimes we sing in unison.

Begin learning #5984.


PDF Score (Singer)


Organist will play.


Choir members should be learning #6962 and #6926.

We also know #3496.


We hope to sing #7554.




“Nunc Sancte Nobis,” #7128. The words are different, but you can still practice.

COMMUNION ANTIPHON   •   Sung by the ladies.

PDF Score (Singer)   •   Practice Audio (Singer)

Accompanied from the “color” markings posted on Saint Goupil, printed with a color printer.

RECESSIONAL HYMN   •   #888 Come Holy Ghost, Who Ever One

From the Campion Hymnal.

CHOIR PRAYER (from CAMPION HYMNAL) happens after attendance is taken:

Come, holy Spirit, and from heaven direct on man the rays of Your light.

Come, father of the poor; come, giver of God’s gifts; come, light of men’s hearts.

Kindly Paraclete, in Your gracious visits to man’s soul You bring relief and consolation.

If it is weary with toil, You bring it ease; in the heat of temptation, Your grace cools it; if sorrowful, Your words console it.

Light most blessèd, shine on the hearts of Your faithful—even into their darkest corners; for without Your aid man can do nothing good, and everything is sinful.

Wash clean the sinful soul, rain down Your grace on the parched soul and heal the injured soul.

Soften the hard heart, cherish and warm the ice-cold heart, and give direction to the wayward.

Give Your seven holy gifts to Your faithful, for their trust is in You.

Give them reward for their virtuous acts; give them a death that ensures salvation; give them unending bliss.