Priests as Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

2016 May 29

A Duty That Is Not Ours to Surrender

Planning a Corpus Christi Procession

2016 May 28

Last minute preparations for a Corpus Christi Procession.

A Model of Sacred Music at Priest's First Mass

2016 May 27

What music does a newly ordained priest, who currently plays the drums in a jazz band, choose for his first Mass? A priest who also has a degree from the Hartt School of Music in Music Production and Technology? The answer will surprise you.

A Guardian of the Sacred Tradition in the South

2016 May 26

The Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul is a Guardian of the Sacred Tradition and a great Patron Sacred Music and Arts.

O Salutaris Hostia • Do You Like This Version?

2016 May 24

Download this 47-page booklet … and please pardon any typos!

Teaching the Very Young

2016 May 24

I have received a number of emails of late from such musicians with questions regarding the musical training of the very young…

Los Angeles: Less Than A Week Away!

2016 May 23

A phenomenal event which involves our District Superior & Archbishop Gomez.

Guide for Large-Scale Celebrations

2016 May 22

10 Points from a Newly Translated Document

Composing Saves My Life

2016 May 20

By shear will I chip away at the wretched dumpster fire of incongruence on the page. Then a purpose languidly surfaces with each revised note: Composing is a form of prayer.

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2016

2016 May 19

Southeastern Sacred Music presents Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2016.

May Crowning • The Official Antiphon

2016 May 18

Do you agree this is a dark antiphon?

Video • Most Pure Heart of Mary Schola Cantorum

2016 May 17

Our program continues to expand, and we look forward to working with more than 60 students next year!

The Terrifying “But” Of Vatican II

2016 May 16

Only four (4) bishops voted against the Vatican II document on liturgy.

Blast From The Past!

2016 May 15

What did the Traditional Latin Mass look like sixteen years ago?

Veni Creator Chant Plus Polyphony by Couturier

2016 May 14

Getting more mileage out of a beautiful hymn by alternating 4 part verses with the chant. Choir Communiqué • 13 May 2016

2016 May 13

Fantastic news about the new “Agnus Dei” we're doing!

Musical Resources • Pentecost Sunday

2016 May 13

“O God, Who on this day didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit…”

Feast of Bl. Álvaro del Portillo

2016 May 12

Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, the successor of St. Josemaría Escrivá and Prelate of Opus Dei.

Rehearsal videos • “Come, Holy Ghost” (SATB)

2016 May 11

Pentecost is coming—are you ready?

How Do We Get the Boys to Sing?

2016 May 10

Why is sports so popular and communal singing so undervalued?

Fox News • “Rise of the Latin Mass”

2016 May 10

"To be honest, I wasn't a fan at first…but now I love it." —Brenda DiGirolamo

Musical Resources • Sunday after the Ascension (Extraordinary Form)

2016 May 08

“Almighty and eternal God, make us ever bear a devout affection toward Thee…”

A Special “Gaudeamus” For 31 May

2016 May 07

Nobody has been able to explain why they changed the psalm verse…

Working With People With Whom One Disagrees

2016 May 06

One's ability to work effectively with someone else does not actually rely very much on how much one agrees with the other. Why? It comes down to three things.

Video • Mass during WW2

2016 May 05

Vintage video of an army chaplain celebrating Mass during World War II.

Does Gregorian Chant Work In English?

2016 May 04

“In a musical phrase, each element is a part of the whole and must take its place in that whole.” —Dom Gajard

Expect The Best—And You Will Get It

2016 May 04

If you truly love the children of your parish, fight the elitism that says young children can't sing, or just can't appreciate good music.

Video • Cardinal Burke on the Traditional Latin Mass

2016 May 02

Here is what Cardinal Burke has to say about the Latin Mass.

What Modern Man Cannot Ever Accept: SILENCE

2016 May 02

“I believe that more and more people will start to come to this, if nothing else because they wish to find a way in their world to carve out quiet time.”

Regina Chesterton Academy

2016 May 01

A Classical Education Track for Catholic High School Students

Musical Resources • St. Joseph the Worker (1 May)

2016 May 01

“Grant, O Lord, that what we have received may—by the intercession of blessed Joseph—crown our work and confirm our reward…”