“Actuosa Participatio” and the Reception of Holy Communion

2016 July 30

Relevant Reflections from “Sacramentum Caritatis.”

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

2016 July 30

"To the historian their decisions are disgusting nonsense that people of my kind want simply to ignore.” — Fr. Adrian Fortescue (1919)

Free Recordings • British Boys' Choir

2016 July 28

Free recordings of famous British boys' choirs on YouTube!

Musical Resources • 11th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 July 27

“…pour forth Thy mercy upon us, to take away from us those things which our conscience feareth…”

The Musical Power of the Priest in the Ordinary Form

2016 July 27

One musical advantage for the priest celebrating the Ordinary Form is that he can play an active role leading the music, yet still celebrate Mass.

Letter To A Volunteer Choir…

2016 July 27

The singers know their individual contribution is essential.

Victoria Alleluia • Extraordinary & Ordinary Form

2016 July 26

If your priest requires the congregation sing the “Alleluia,” there's a nice way to do this.

Priestly Musical Formation in a Low Mass Culture

2016 July 24

Reflections from Dr. Jennifer Donelson at Sacra Liturgia UK

Musical Resources • 10th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 July 24

“O God, Who dost chiefly manifest Thy power in forbearance and mercy…”

Saints and the “Ad Orientem” Worship

2016 July 23

What did the saints say about celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass facing East?

Summer Sacred Music Workshop • This Weekend!

2016 July 21

The Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2016 is finally here!

PDF Download • St. Cecilia Hymnal (1937)

2016 July 20

Like all the books we release, this extremely rare hymnal was previously unavailable until we scanned and uploaded it.

Ad Orientem and Sacred Music

2016 July 19

Father told me that he felt extremely awkward standing in the sanctuary for two minutes while the congregation did nothing but look at him.

“I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”

2016 July 18

How can we renew the liturgy with charity? We shouldn't seek to win arguments on the liturgy.

Are the Readings at Mass Meant to Be Didactic or Doxological?

2016 July 17

Reflections from the Fota IX International Liturgy Conference

Showdown in Arkansas over “Ad Orientem”

2016 July 17

The Bishop of Little Rock has sent a letter (14 July 2016) forbidding his priests to celebrate Mass “ad orientem.”

Musical Resources • 9th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 July 16

“…and that Thou mayest grant their desires to them, make them ask only for things that please Thee…”

Photograph • Robert Cardinal Sarah “Ad Orientem”

2016 July 15

“Dear Fathers, we should listen to the lament of God proclaimed by the prophet Jeremiah: «They have turned their back to me» (2:27). Let us turn again towards the Lord!”

Letter from USCCB Committee on Divine Worship on “Ad Orientem”

2016 July 15

Most Rev’d Serratelli says the current rubrics “reflect the real possibility that the celebrant might be facing away from the assembly.”

The Illusion of Privacy • Social Media Etiquette for Liturgical Musicians

2016 July 15

A very wise and compassionate Jesuit priest kindly exhorted me to avoid writing such missives. I quickly heeded his advice. So should you. Here’s why:

Three False Ideas about “Ad Orientem” Celebration

2016 July 14

Three common misconceptions about the Mass and “ad orientem” worship.

SATB “Agnus Dei” after Fr. Gregorio Allegri (d. 1652)

2016 July 13

Without question, the most popular piece I ever “wrote.”

Shocking Developments From Westminster

2016 July 13

If Cardinal Nichols had simply sent a letter saying why he prefers “versus populum,” I believe that would have been a better choice.

Did Fr. Lombardi Contradict Cardinal Sarah?

2016 July 12

Perhaps a better phrase would be Bishop Gracida's version: “Renewal of the Renewal.”

The Vatican Has Already Responded To Cardinal Nichols Regarding “Ad Orientem”

2016 July 11

“No preference is expressed in the liturgical legislation for either position.”

FSSP.la • Pieces to be working on …

2016 July 10

To be updated with regularity.

“Quam Singulari” • Decree on First Communion (1910)

2016 July 09

Pope St. Pius X wanted this decree to be read each year from the pulpit by all Catholic priests.

Those Pesky Letters of Complaint

2016 July 08

As surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, someone will be unhappy. Displeasure does not discriminate.

Cardinal Sarah “Reform of the Reform” (5 July 2016) • Full Address in French & English

2016 July 07

Breathtaking statements from the Vatican’s chief liturgist who—while on retreat—goes 72 hours without food or water.

Sensational Hymn for St. Joseph … with Modern Polyphony!

2016 July 06

We'll be singing this piece a lot because our priest has a special devotion to St. Joseph.

Pope Francis to Cardinal Sarah: Investigate an Official Reform of the Reform

2016 July 06

Highlights from Cardinal Sarah’s Lecture at Sacra Liturgia UK 2016

Sing the Mass

2016 July 05

Whether your particular parishes are rich or poor, big or small, love sacred music or hate it, there is one thing that I challenge all of you to do, and that is to sing the Mass.

Make A Donation Using PayPal

2016 July 04

You can also donate using PayPal, even though we prefer Cornerstone.

Rev’d Fr. Adrian Fortescue (1874-1923)

2016 July 02

At the time of his death, Fortescue was Professor of Church History at St. Edmund's College, Ware—the oldest Catholic school in England.

“Confiteor” Before Communion • Should It Be Done?

2016 July 02

Six reasons in favor of the “Second Confiteor” and my thoughts.

The Frontier of Liturgical Composition

2016 July 01

The frontier of composition is clearly producing new settings of the propers in the vernacular, useful for a typical parish.