Brave Schola Director Posts “Live” Recording…

2016 December 31

A snippet caught by a generous alto at Candle-lit Mass in Hollywood.

Mary was one of the strongest women to ever walk planet Earth.

2016 December 31

“Meek,” “mild,” "humble,” and “lowly” are mistaken for submission and weakness. Only a person of great strength could possess such qualities.

The longest 54 seconds in a Missa Cantata

2016 December 30

Directing music for a Sung Mass can be terrifying. Here's a tip to help you avoid one trap.

A Christmas Carol

2016 December 27

Keep the flame of the true Christmas spirit burning brightly and carol to your heart's content.

“The Journey of the Magi”

2016 December 26

Originally, the star was shown above the tiled roof of the stable.

Proof Good People Still Exist

2016 December 25

Several singers shown here helped record the Watershed polyphonic rehearsal videos.

Christmas • When Jackie Gleason Broke Character (Updated)

2016 December 24

I forgot something important…

“Immense in the form of God, tiny in the form of a slave”

2016 December 23

"Christmas is thus the feast of the loving humility of God...." — Pope Francis

Epiphany Proclamation 2017

2016 December 22

“It is solemnly made known, dearest brethren that, just as we—through the bounteous mercy of God—have rejoiced in the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ…”

Opening Our Hearts At Christmas

2016 December 22

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is…

60 Minutes • “The Pope's Choir” (Sistine Chapel)

2016 December 21

This video sharply condemns the choir's previous director…a dangerous game.

Shortest “Kyrie” Palestrina Ever Wrote

2016 December 20

Especially suited for the Ordinary Form—and did you spot the invertible counterpoint?

Appropriate Music for the Sacred Liturgy

2016 December 20

It's hard to implement a program of truly sacred music, focused on the Lord, when so many of our Masses and other services are celebrated as if God were a side note… Choir Communiqué • 19 December 2016

2016 December 19

The Final Challenge!

Random Acts of Beauty: the Vestment Fund

2016 December 17

Looking for a chariitable appeal you can support in good conscience? Check out this new Vestment Fund.

Art is an act of love.

2016 December 16

At certain times, an artist requires refuge… Choir Communiqué • 15 December 2016

2016 December 15

Christmas is coming—it's practically here!

Come to Sydney for a Retreat in Silence and Song

2016 December 15

Sydney might not be famous for spiritual endeavours. Here is a peak at a few upcoming retreats for men.

Musical Resources • Christmas Midnight Mass (EF)

2016 December 14

We won't be singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” for Offertory!

Musical Resources • 4th Sunday of Advent (EF)

2016 December 14

“Look with favor, we beseech Thee, O Lord upon these offerings here before Thee…”

A Late Gift for Nicholasmas

2016 December 13

Unfortunately we live in a society in which parents can no longer allow the culture to help form their children, and in most instances are forced to fight such an un-cultural leviathan.

Bauer Family Sings “O Magnum Mysterium”

2016 December 12

…Victoria lives, thanks to fine youngsters such as these!

The Historic Adaptability of the Marriage Rite

2016 December 11

Evidence from Trent and Vatican II

PDF Download • “Rorate Mass” Booklet

2016 December 10

Including a video snippet taken in Los Angeles.

Strong Leadership and Admitting Mistakes • Two Stories

2016 December 09

A sure sign of an insecure leader is one whose first instinct is to blame others when something goes wrong.

Help! Why does my printer leave off the clivis?

2016 December 09

When I print this entire booklet, the Communion inexplicably erases every clivis in the psalmody.

Musical Resources • 3rd Sunday of Advent (EF)

2016 December 09

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice.”

Print This For Your Children To Color

2016 December 08

Courtesy of John Sonnen.

PDF Download • Immac. Conception Music Booklet

2016 December 08

Make sure to read the translation of the Offertory Hymn—so gorgeous!

And Now … Some Fantastic News!

2016 December 08

Good people really do exist.

“Ad Orientem” • Archbishop Naumann’s Letter

2016 December 06

“…there are, in the core of the Church's sacramental teaching and experience, good contentions and corollary arguments to be made for both practices.” —Archbishop Naumann

Where Does Your Heart Lie?

2016 December 06

If Christmas day arrives and you haven't been to confession, your daily prayer has suffered, and you haven't eaten supper with your family at least five nights a week during Advent, you're in too far.

Bishop of Manchester • Letter Re: “Ad Orientem”

2016 December 05

A $12,000 reward will be given to anyone who can produce a Vatican II document mentioning “celebration facing the people.”

Communion Antiphons for Christmas on “Sounds from the Spires”

2016 December 05

"Sounds from the Spires" has been a great supporter of sacred music in the liturgy, bringing choral music, chant, and the pipe organ to a broad audience.

Lay Faithful Have Begun A Facebook Page

2016 December 05

…for the new FSSP Apostolate in Los Angeles.

The Renewal of Adoremus

2016 December 04

The “Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy” is itself experiencing renewal.

Does Your Choir Sing Perfectly?

2016 December 02

Why do we avoid telling the ones we love how we feel about them?

Nostalgia Is Not Rigid

2016 December 01

I don't think young people (or most people, frankly) are drawn to the pre-conciliar Mass because of nostalgia.

Musical Resources • 2nd Sunday of Advent (EF)

2016 December 01

“Be appeased, we beseech Thee, O Lord, by the prayers and offerings of our lowliness…”