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Veronica Brandt holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. As editor, she has produced fine publications (as well as valuable reprints) dealing with Gregorian chant, hymnody, Latin, and other subjects. These publications are distinguished on account of their tastefulness. She lives in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband Peter and six children.
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Dale uses an Italian name on every possible occasion… […] In Dale, you do not bow to the celebrant, you “proceed to make the customary salutation”; you do not stand, you “retain a standing posture.” Everyone “observes” to do everything: you observe not to kneel, you observe to retain a kneeling posture. The MC does not tell a man to do a thing, he apprizes him that it should he performed. The celebrant “terminates” the creed; he genuflects in conjunction with the sacred ministers—then he observes to assume a standing posture in conjunction with them. The MC goes about apprizing and comporting himself till he observes to perform the customary salutation. The subdeacon imparts the Pax in the same manner as it was communicated to him. Everyone exhibits a grave deportment; Imagine anyone talking like this. Imagine anyone saying that you ought to exhibit a deportment.
— Fr Adrian Fortescue

Why it's great to be Catholic
published 25 July 2015 by Veronica Brandt

100reasons OMETIMES IT IS EASY TO GET bogged down in the frustrations of fostering sacred music in a world which seems at odds to all we hope to achieve. A book like this is a tonic to help pick you up and show you the bigger picture.

I saw this book in a Catholic bookshop. First the title jumped out at me, then the author – Robert Haddad is a great teacher who left a legal career to become a high school teacher. He also ran apologetics courses and developed a great reference book called Defend the Faith which is extremely handy when proselytizers come knocking on your door.

Why 1001 reasons? Read this from the back cover:

Years ago I saw a news report about the growth of Pentecostalism in Latin America. One fiery pastor had a pamphlet at the back of his church entitled, “Twenty-five reasons why you are no longer Catholic.” I became upset when I saw this and wanted to produce my own response. Naturally, I wanted this response to be both comprehensive and overwhelming—hence the thought of collecting and publishing 1001 reasons why it’s great to be Catholic! More than most, non-Catholics should find this book of great interest.

References to the musical treasures of the Catholic Church are scattered here and there. The section on Beauty is mostly full of glorious cathedrals, but also mentions Gregorian chant. The book itself is just text, no pictures, but plenty of interesting leads for next time you are looking for something to search for on the internet.

The section on Prayer pays homage to some outstanding hymns like the Te Deum, Stabat Mater and the Veni Creator. The Akathist Hymn is a Byzantine hymn I hadn’t heard of before.

The thing that stands out is the enormous breadth of the Church Universal. Through all times, all places, all languages this Mystical Body of Christ is alive and drawing men to God. What other religious tradition can even come close?

The book is available from Dynamic Catholic who will send you a copy for the price of the postage within the United States. For Australians, the Mustard Seed Bookshop had copies in store.