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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and two children.
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“Iconographic tradition has theologically interpreted the manger and the swaddling cloths in terms of the theology of the Fathers. The child stiffly wrapped in bandages is seen as prefiguring the hour of his death: from the outset, he is the sacrificial victim, as we shall see more closely when we examine the reference to the first-born. The manger, then, was seen as a kind of altar.”
— Pope Benedict XVI (2012)

Resources • 3rd Sunday after Easter (1962 Missal)
published 24 April 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski


PDF Score (Singer)printed on a single sheet




Vidi Aquam (Singer PDF)

A special version for the ORGANIST on the Repeat

INTROITSung by the men only.

PDF Score (Singer)   •   Practice Audio (Singer)

KYRIE ELEISON • Palestrina Parody Mass

Part 1   with   Impleta Sunt “Christe”

The Solfège for Part 1 is identical to the Sanctus—so you can get your practice videos for Part 1 below.

GLORIA IN EXCELSIS • Zachariis (†1594)

Practice Videos and scores


PDF Score (Singer)

Will be sung with a NEW ALLELUIA you can learn here.

CREDO IV • Alternatim

PDF Score (Singer)   •   Practice Audio (Singer)   •   Organist


PDF Score (Singer)

OFFRT. HYMN • Vita Sanctorum with Refrain

Complete score, with polyphony & unison:   PDF Score (Singer)

Practice videos for this piece are here.

Score for organist—which will accompany the verses ONLY—can be downloaded here.

SANCTUS • Palestrina (“Vexilla”)

Chant Part   •   Polyphony Part   •   Practice the Solfège for the Polyphonic section


Du Fay Agnus Dei   •   Score   •   {Women Voice}   •   {Middle Voice}   •   {Men Voice}


PDF Score (Singer)   •   Practice Audio (Singer)

COMMUNION HYMN • Salve Festa Dies

PDF Score (Singer)   •   Organist

Bass Section go here and learn the harmony for the REFRAIN ONLY (“Salve festa dies, etc.”).

Everyone else please learn the unison for the REFRAIN here.

RECESSIONAL HYMN • 844 Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain

From Campion Hymnal.