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Father Gabriel Lalemant won the crown the martyrdom on 17 March 1649. The smallest and most delicate in health among all the Jesuit missionaries, he had in six months won, by his iron will and unwavering determination, a martyr's end, in companionship with the spiritual and physical giant of the missions, Jean de Brébeuf.
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“In the 17th century came the crushing blow which destroyed the beauty of all Breviary hymns. Pope Urban VIII (d. 1644) was a Humanist. In a fatal moment he saw that the hymns do not all conform to the rules of classical prosody.”
— Fr. Adrian Fortescue (d. 1923)

News Items / 14 February 2013
published 14 February 2013 by Corpus Christi Watershed


1. The New Oxford Review recently published an article about Joseph Chihwatenha [pdf], of great interest to those of us who love the Jesuit Martyrs of North America.

2. A remarkable and truly amazing statement [pdf] has been issued by His Excellency, Bishop Alexander K. Sample.

3. Here is an example of why such statements are needed:

4. Here is Bishop Robert Morlino on the Forthcoming Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI:

ITH THE REST of you, I woke this morning to learn of the shocking, but not altogether surprising, news that our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is resigning his service as the successor of St. Peter, Bishop of Rome. His announcement brings me sadness personally, as he is a hero to me and a great shepherd for the Church. I first met the Holy Father as Cardinal Ratzinger in 1983. But knowing his decision was made after prudent consideration of the needs of the entire Church, and reflecting on his own human limitations, should bring us all a great deal of consolation. Pope Benedict has offered a tremendous act of humility and courage, for the good of the entire Church. He knows that, given the fast-paced world in which we live, his prayer is the best gift he can give each one of us as members of Christ’s Church. I know I speak for all faithful Catholics when I say, he is loved and he will be missed. Join me, and the faithful of the whole world, in prayer for Pope Benedict, during these last weeks of his papacy, and that God will grant him serenity, as he quietly leaves the See of Peter, and the world stage. We pray in thanksgiving for the clear wisdom, deep love, and profound holiness he gently brought to the Office of Pope these past eight years. We pray too that his successor, our next Holy Father, will truly be a chief shepherd of the Church according to the heart of Christ.

5. A quote by Felix Mendelssohn: “Gregorian chant is the best church music that can be written. I cannot understand how Catholics, with such beautiful music at hand, can tolerate at Mass compositions which are not even passably suitable, but outright distracting and operatic.” Mendelssohn, not a Catholic, was one of the greatest composers and a major prodigy. He died in 1847.