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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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“Our Christian people regard with great joy everything that contributes to the splendor of the ceremonies. Jesus—who was poor in His private life—received ointment on His feet. See Thomas Aquinas (Prima Secundae, q. 102, art. 5, ad 10) and the holy Curé of Ars. The Church has always loved beautiful churches, and so forth. We must preserve our sacred patrimony and make sure sacred objects do not become secular possessions.”
— Abbot & Council Father denouncing “noble simplicity” during Vatican II

We Require Immediate Financial Help
published 7 December 2017 by Jeff Ostrowski

3657 XPRTd ATERSHED is a 100% volunteer organization; none of us is paid. We find ourselves in need of immediate financial assistance, otherwise we cannot continue. We want to keep CCW resources free of charge forever; but we have expenditures. 1

Please consider donating $5.00 per month:

    * *  Donate • Via Cornerstone

We encourage you to use CORNERSTONE because they take a much lower percentage than PayPal and they’re a Christian company with fantastic customer service. However, donations via PayPal are also accepted. Click here to donate via PayPal or personal check.

    * *  PDF Score • Kevin Allen “Gloria” (Never Released)

Listen to an excerpt of the premiere performance conducted by Dr. Horst Buchholz. The piece is dedicated to St. Jean de Brébeuf, and Mr. Allen really captured the sound of the North American missionaries. We’ll release the complete score, as well as rehearsal files for each voice, if we meet our goal.

    * *  YouTube • Dr. Tappan — TRAINING YOUTH CHOIRS (46 minutes)

This 46-minute video contains a marvelous presentation by Dr. Lucas Tappan. Here’s a screenshot. We’ll release the full video if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Jeff Ostrowski — CRUCIAL SURVIVAL TACTICS (12 pages)

This 2017 presentation by Jeff Ostrowski is totally different than the speech he gave in 2016. We’ll release all twelve pages if we meet out goal.

    * *  PDF Pete Avendaño — REPERTOIRE FOR CHILDREN (17 pages)

You will not want to miss this marvelous list compiled by Pete Avendaño, containing approximately 391 pieces. Mr. Avendaño is one of the world’s most esteemed teachers of youth singers. We’ll release this list if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Dr. Calabrese — REPERTOIRE FOR CHILDREN (32 pieces)

This list of 32 pieces that work well for children was compiled by Dr. Calabrese for one of his talks. We’ll release it if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Dr. Tappan — REPERTOIRE FOR CHILDREN (3 pages)

Dr. Lucas Tappan has assembled a list of pieces “that just work”—and we’ll release it if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Fr. Popplewell — HYMN TALK (13 pages)

These are the notes Fr. Popplewell used for his talk on hymns. We’ll release this if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Dr. Calabrese — RENAISSANCE TALK (2 pages)

These are the notes Dr. Calabrese used for his talk on Renaissance polyphony. We’ll release this if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Jeff Ostrowski — ONLINE RESOURCES (5 pages)

Jeff Ostrowski gave this presentation, entitled: “Taking Advantage of Online Resources.” We’ll release this if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF Nova Organi Harmonia — VOLUME SIX (126 pages)

For decades, we have been searching for Volume 6 of the Nova Organi Harmonia. We have obtained a pristine copy, and made two versions: Low Res (8MB) and High Res (239MB). We’ll release these extremely rare Gregorian chant accompaniments if we meet our goal.

    * *  PDF SYMPOSIUM BOOKLET (260 pages)

This 260-page booklet is not something you can live without. We’ll release it if we meet our goal.

Everyone who attended the Symposium will eventually receive these files.

But if we meet our goal, we’ll immediately release them to the public.


1   Whenever we have the funding, we try to give back. For example, during 2017 we gave scholarship money to carefully-vetted musicians who needed help to attend a very important conference on church music.