Fourth-Century Advice for Choir Directors
2019 February 02 by Fr. David Friel

A passage from Nicetas of Remesiana remains eminently applicable today.

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Let This Holy Building Shake with Joy!
2015 April 10 by Richard J. Clark

Sometimes everything comes together. How is this achieved? Here are a few ways.

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Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(1 of 7)
2015 February 20 by Richard J. Clark

“Tacit approval” alone isn’t getting the job done. It is abdicating authority to composers and publishers, pastors and liturgists.

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Easy Organ Hymns for Catholics
2015 January 03 by Veronica Brandt

There is a built in tendency for nervous musicians to rush things – I think as your heart beats faster, your perception of time is dilated. As you build more confidence your sense of timing improves too.

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Turn off the microphones. This can be a challenge when many parishes and even some cathedrals are enamored of carpeting – to say nothing of seat cushions!

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Michael Olbash’s “Mass in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea” demonstrates the mandate of Pope Saint Pius X that music for the liturgy be Sacred, Beautiful, and Universal.

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Mass In Honor Of Saint Isaac Jogues
2014 May 19 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Using the New Translation of the Roman Missal.

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Mass in Honor of Pope Saint John Paul II
2014 April 27 by Richard J. Clark

FREE DOWNLOAD of the complete score AND recordings.

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PREVIEW - Mass in Honor of Pope Saint John Paul II
2014 April 25 by Richard J. Clark

Preview of the “Mass in Honor of Pope Saint John Paul II” Listen to the Gloria!

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“My opinion is that this is one of the best congregational settings of the new texts.” — Adam Wood

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Disparagement is not catechesis. It is destructive. If we are to catechize and evangelize, we must put God first, not our own preferences. Meanwhile, we must catechize and strive for the ideal.

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Gregorian Propers at a Nuptial Mass in “Southie”?
2014 January 17 by Richard J. Clark

“Southie” is a section of Boston better known from the films “Good Will Hunting” and “The Departed.” It is also infamous for the convicted murderer and gangster, James “Whitey” Bulger. But, yes, glorious Gregorian Propers, polyphony, and hymnody at a Nuptial Mass in “Southie.”

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Tallis Scholars Live
2013 December 15 by Fr. David Friel

In Praise of A Polyphonic Credo

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How "Catholic" Is Congregational Singing?
2013 December 02 by Jeff Ostrowski

John Paul II asked your forgiveness in 1980 … did you forgive him?

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Entering The Danger Zone: Congregational Singing
2013 June 10 by Jeff Ostrowski

Are we being honest when we claim that the “entire congregation” can sing a hymn at Mass? I had to search pretty hard, but finally found someone willing to admit the truth.

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