How to Install Compline in Your Home
2019 March 30 by Veronica Brandt

A first step to planting the timeless prayer of the Universal Church in your home. Plus a four part setting of the prayer just because.

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Compline Online with Chant Notation
2016 October 22 by Veronica Brandt

A handy online copy of Compline according to the 1962 liturgical books dynamically adapting to the day of the week, feast or feria and looks great on small screen mobile devices.

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What Will ICEL Do Next?
2014 November 23 by Fr. David Friel

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth gives details on what ICEL is doing now that the Roman Missal project has been completed.

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Working on a Compline booklet
2014 April 12 by Veronica Brandt

A booklet for Compline, 95% finished, ready for Holy Week.

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Interleaving Latin and English on the page
2014 January 04 by Veronica Brandt

Most books place Latin and English in parallel columns or on facing pages. Let’s look at the less common approach of interverse translations.

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Tonight, pray Compline for the Holy Souls
2013 November 02 by Veronica Brandt

After many years, I finally type up the psalms for Compline of All Souls’ Day in Latin and English.

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Singing the Divine Office before and after Mass
2013 September 14 by Veronica Brandt

Singing Terce before and Sext after Sunday Mass and Compline after weeknight Masses. A new book with everything you need according to the Monastic Office with English translations.

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At home it doesn't have to be perfect
2013 July 06 by Veronica Brandt

Singing from the Liturgy of the Hours at home is beautiful treasure to share with your family.

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