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When I saw this page, my opinion of Fortescue went down—but then I remembered…

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Musical Resources • Holy Thursday (FSSP, 2018)
2018 March 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

“…Who didst establish the salvation of mankind on the tree of the Cross; that whence death came, thence also life might arise again, and that he, who overcame by the tree, by the tree also might be overcome…” —Preface

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Fighting With A Bishop • Good Idea?
2018 March 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

“We are fully determined to restore Latin to its position of honor.” —Saint John XXIII (22 February 1962)

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4th Sunday of Lent (“Laetare Sunday”)
2018 March 08 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Grant us, we beseech Thee, O merciful God, that we may treat with unfeigned veneration and ever receive with heartfelt faith Thy holy rites which we constantly celebrate…”

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PDF Download • Rare German Hymnal (879 pages)
2018 March 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

Most German hymnals we’ve come across contain words only—but this one has harmonies!

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3rd Sunday of Lent (Extraordinary Form)
2018 March 02 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Be merciful, O Lord, we beseech Thee, and free us from all sins and dangers…”

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Contemporary “Stabat Mater” (SATB)
2018 February 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

You’ve never heard this arrangement before—perfect for Lent.

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“Tu Es Petrus” (Rec. 2017 Symposium)
2018 February 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

No matter how many people imitate John Denver on the guitar in our churches, Palestrina and Victoria will always be loved and sought by serious Catholics.

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“First Run Through” • Guerrero’s Kyrie
2018 February 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

“To put it simply, I was pierced by the beauty of the liturgy in a way I have never before experienced.” —2017 participant

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Rare Lenten Hymns You’ve Not Sung
2018 February 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Our hymnbooks know nothing of such a treasure as this, and give us pages of poor sentiment in doggerel lines by some tenth-rate modern versifier.” —Fr. Fortescue

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Phone Interview • Fr. Guy Nicholls, Cong. Orat.
2018 February 15 by Jeff Ostrowski

The Blessed John Henry Newman Institute of Liturgical Music (England) has a big announcement!

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Hymn Tunes That Are Actually The Same
2018 February 13 by Jeff Ostrowski

Look carefully at this image…

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“Live Excerpts” … With One Rehearsal
2018 February 12 by Jeff Ostrowski

This is something we will do again, because I think there’s great potential here.

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How Medieval Books Were Made
2018 February 09 by Jeff Ostrowski

Absolutely fascinating beyond words!

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Brave Schola Director Posts “Live” Recording
2018 February 08 by Jeff Ostrowski

…recorded on 28 January 2018.

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Sexagesima Sunday (Extraordinary Form)
2018 February 01 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Now they upon the rock are they who when they hear, receive the word with joy…”

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Video • Ratzinger made a Cardinal by Paul VI
2018 February 01 by Jeff Ostrowski

Quite beautiful, but I prefer a different harmonization of “Holy God We Praise Thy Name”…

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PDF Download • “Agnus Dei” … for Lent
2018 January 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

…including rehearsal videos for each individual voice!

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Septuagesima Sunday (Extraordinary Form)
2018 January 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

“The groans of death surround me, the sorrows of hell encompassed me…”

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English Prayers at EF Mass • How old are they?
2018 January 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

The English translation memorized by “Latin Mass” Catholics goes back centuries!

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