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Don’ts for Choirmasters (Part 2)
2018 January 11 by Andrew Leung

John Newton’s practical, spiritual and entertaining ideas and advice for choirmasters.

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Don'ts for Choirmasters (Part 1)
2018 January 04 by Andrew Leung

A recently-discovered manual for choir directors by John Newton.

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The Marvels of Choral Singing
2017 December 21 by Andrew Leung

A reflection and meditation on choral singing.

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Video • A Chinese Offertory Hymn
2017 December 14 by Andrew Leung

My new choir singing a Chinese offertory hymn…

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Arvo Pärt received the Ratzinger Prize
2017 November 23 by Andrew Leung

“A beautiful choice, that of the commission, aimed at pointing out that new way for theology that is music”

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Vox Antiqua’s Debut
2017 November 09 by Andrew Leung

My new choir made its debut on the Feast of Christ the King.

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Video • My New Project
2017 November 02 by Andrew Leung

Vox Antiqua, the new Catholic professional choir in Hong Kong, in action!

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Singing with Peter Philips
2017 October 26 by Andrew Leung

Peter Philips: “Polyphony shouldn’t be sung with absolute straight tone—that is not real singing!”

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A Liturgical Tragedy
2017 October 05 by Andrew Leung

I have experienced a similar situation before, and it was not a pleasant experience.

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An interview with Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon.

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The New Way of the “Sistina”
2017 September 21 by Andrew Leung

Msgr. Massimo Palombella introducing the new way of singing of the Pope’s choir.

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Report • Hong Kong Summer Choral Workshops
2017 September 07 by Andrew Leung

Two choral workshops for church choirs were held in Hong Kong over the summer.

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Report • Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2017
2017 August 25 by Andrew Leung

About 65 musicians attended the Summer Sacred Music Workshop III and the next annual workshop is already in planning!

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Learn From Children Choristers
2017 August 10 by Andrew Leung

We church musicians are called to be more childlike than other musicians.

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In Defense of the “Sistine Screamers”
2017 August 01 by Andrew Leung

There are a few things I would like to point out in defense of their old choral approach.

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Recording • Choral Mattins with John Rutter
2017 July 20 by Andrew Leung

Here is some great church music coming from the Anglican Cathedral of Hong Kong

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Singing with John Rutter
2017 July 13 by Andrew Leung

Rutter: “When they join together, they become one; and they share an experience which they couldn’t have on their own.”

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The Most Sensitive Musical Instrument
2017 July 06 by Andrew Leung

“Have you thanked God for this failure already?”

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Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2017
2017 June 29 by Andrew Leung

Southeastern Sacred Music (CMAA) presents: Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2017

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Live Recording from Macau Cathedral
2017 June 08 by Andrew Leung

A Live recording of early Renaissance music from the Far East!

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