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“In older times we referred to humans as the human race, but according to this foundation we are being classed with the animals on the farm, the cow, the horse, the mule […] According to this foundation, I have no right to be born, for I am the youngest of 16 children, and God bless my mother for every one of them!”
— Archbishop Schrembs (d. 1945) vs. a foundation promoting artificial contraception

“The New Mass” • Discussed by Michael Davies, Malachi Martin, Msgr. Champlin, and William F. Buckley
published 7 March 2019 by Jeff Ostrowski

HIS WAS RECORDED about two years before I was born. The characters involved are all either famous or infamous—and I will say nothing more about any of them at this moment.

What I will say: This is a fascinating discussion from 22 April 1980!

The information mentioned by Michael Davies at marker 28:08 is interesting to me—I never knew he personally wrote to those Protestant advisors.

At marker 8:01 Monsignor says the Vatican II reforms were justified because of an “excessive atmosphere of the Sacred” at Mass — Yikes!