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“Unfortunately, on the one hand a deadly error in judgment placed the official leadership of this committee into the hands of a man who—though generous and brave—was not very knowledgeable: Cardinal Lercaro. He was utterly incapable of resisting the maneuvers of the mealy-mouthed scoundrel that the Neapolitan Vincentian, Bugnini, a man as bereft of culture as he was of basic honesty, soon revealed himself to be.”
— Fr. Louis Bouyer, an important member of the Consilium

Offensive Music in Germany • Ash Wednesday (2019)
published 13 March 2019 by Jeff Ostrowski

HE FOLLOWING VIDEO has been making the rounds. You’ll surely see it sooner or later, so you might as well be prepared. (I find it pretty shocking—and, trust me, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff.) This took place in the Basilica of St. Kunibert, and the celebrant was Cardinal Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne. For the record, I have no idea why she keeps spitting into that bullhorn during Mass. Gregory DiPippo, editor of the blog for the Church Music Association of America (CMAA), wrote:

Shame on them for profaning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with that disgusting non-music.

To me, the “sacred music” chosen seems bizarre and disrespectful.

What do you think?

Make no mistake about it: this Mass did happen—you can see for yourself. It is not a YouTube prank. They will probably remove the video, so here’s proof this is not fake.

MANY HAVE BEEN asking things like: “Why is that woman clapping in Church? Why is she hissing on Ash Wednesday? Why is she spitting into a bullhorn during Mass?” …and so forth. For myself, I have some different questions. Why is there no choir? What was found so unacceptable about truly great music (Palestrina, Morales, etc.) that this music was chosen instead? Listening to the video, can we really pretend that compositions by composers such as Marenzio are “too esoteric” to be understood by modern man? I can tell you that my choir members here in Los Angeles love the traditional music—and they sing it very well. Their favorite is Father Tomás Luis de Victoria. The Soprano in that video clearly has a fantastic voice; why does she not use her voice to train a choir?

I don’t know anything about Cardinal Woelki, but several who do know him have written to say he must have been tricked into doing this. Sadly, bishops are often unaware of what they’re walking into.