Sacred Music US • Website for Fr. Weber’s Resources

2019 March 31

A website exists to disseminate Fr. Samuel Weber’s sacred music resources

How to Install Compline in Your Home

2019 March 30

A first step to planting the timeless prayer of the Universal Church in your home. Plus a four part setting of the prayer just because.

Beauty in the Service of the Lord

2019 March 27

“Recently, playing a prelude before a Mass, I thought of the preeminence of beauty in our faith.” —Dr. Hamilton

Flash Mob • Franz Biebl’s “Ave Maria”

2019 March 26

A special celebration of the Annunciation 2019

New Musical Settings for the Blessing of the Holy Oils

2019 March 24

The USCCB has provided freely downloadable versions of the musical settings of these newly translated texts.

Upgrading to a Missa Cantata for Singers

2019 March 23

One of those fantastic diagrams of the structure of the Mass, expostulated in under 9 minutes.

Funerals: The Most Challenging Pastoral Responsibility

2019 March 22

The centrality of Christ in the Funeral Mass is a priceless gem, a lifeline urgently needed in grief.

A Short Piece We’re Singing For Lent

2019 March 19

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the smartest Catholic priests alive.

The Lorica of St. Patrick

2019 March 17

A fifth-century hymn preserved in an eleventh-century manuscript

A German Franciscan Soldier who Sang

2019 March 16

Excerpts from the life of Fr Gereon Goldmann - bombs, concentration camps, espionage and Gregorian chant.

“Sarum Rite” • Did it exist? What is it?

2019 March 14

“To contrast Ancient Sarum with Modern Roman is absurd.” —Fr. Adrian Fortescue (1912)

Offensive Music in Germany • Ash Wednesday (2019)

2019 March 13

Have you ever seen a liturgical “instrument” like this?

Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast

2019 March 10

Dedicated to exploring the teaching and vision of the Church on the topic of liturgical music

Every Church Musician Deserves Music Lessons

2019 March 09

In which Veronica describes some unexpected benefits of taking up music lessons.

“Lacuna” • An Actual One—Not A Fake One

2019 March 04

Read these entries—and then tell me your head isn't spinning!

Leo XIII to St. Katharine Drexel: “What about you?”

2019 March 03

Today marks the feast of Mother Katharine Drexel, whom the Holy Father challenged to become a missionary.

God of Mercy and Compassion

2019 March 02

Two hymns with the same opening line, but very different content. A mystery rewrite symptomatic of an avoidance of personal contrition.