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Dr. Lucas Tappan is a conductor and organist whose specialty is working with children. He lives in Kansas with his wife and two sons.
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“Many of those who have influenced the reform […] have no love, and no veneration of that which has been handed down to us. They begin by despising everything that is actually there.”
— Cardinal Antonelli (Peritus during the Second Vatican Council)

St. Paul’s Choir School Appoints New Director of Music
published 1 July 2019 by Lucas Tappan

83899 Tappan T. PAUL’S CHOIR SCHOOL in Harvard Square, the only Catholic choir school for boys in the United States, announced today they have appointed James Kennerley as the new Director of Music.

Mr. Kennerley picks up the baton from John Robinson, the choir school’s former director who will return to his native England to take over the music at Blackburn Cathedral. Kennerley, like Robinson, is a native of England and a product of the English choir school system. According to Richard Clark, Director of Music and Organist for the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Boston) and the Archdiocese of Boston as well as a member of the search committee, James Kennerley’s “rehearsal with the men and boys was brilliant as is his organ playing.” We wish James Kennerley all the best!

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