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“I still haven’t made up my mind whether I shall publish it all. Some people are so humorless, so uncharitable, and so absurdly wrong-headed, that one would probably do far better to relax and enjoy life than worry oneself to death trying to instruct or entertain a public which will only despise one’s efforts, or at least feel no gratitude for them. Most readers know nothing about canon law. Many regard it with contempt and find everything heavy going that isn’t completely lowbrow. Some are so grimly serious that they disapprove of all humor. Others come to different conclusions every time they stand up or sit down. They seize upon your publications, as a wrestler seizes upon his opponent’s hair, and use them to drag you down, while they themselves remain quite invulnerable, because their barren pates are completely bald, so there’s nothing for you to get hold of.”
— St. Thomas More to Peter Gilles, 1516

New! • Organ Scholarships at Christendom College
published 26 January 2019 by Guest Author

85581 organ pipes TARTING next fall, Christendom College will begin the Benedict XVI Organ Scholarship Program. There will be up to four organ scholarships available for students. These will be a $5,000, a $3,000, and two $1,000 scholarships. Organists may apply for the top two scholarships, whereas those with only piano skills may apply for the two $1,000 scholarships.

Specifics can be found at this link:

    * *  Benedict XVI Organ Scholarships

These scholarships are part of a generous bequest of an anonymous donor to train parish organists. The recipient is expected to study the organ, working toward a degree program in music at the college.

Students must submit an audition video by March 20, 2019 and, if selected, will need to come to campus to audition in person on Saturday, April 6. If there are any questions you should contact Dr. Kurt Poterack at: kpoterack@christendom.edu.

The Organ at Christendom College

Christendom College holds the pipe organ “in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument, and one that adds a wonderful splendor to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man’s mind to God and to heavenly things,” as the Second Vatican Council declared. To this end the college will have a four manual, 46 rank pipe organ—specially built for its new chapel by Kegg pipe organ builders of Hartville, Ohio—to beautify the liturgy. This organ is slated to be finished in the fall of 2020 and its stop list can be viewed here:

    * *  PDF Download • Organ Specs at Christendom College

In addition, an expansion of the music minor with a special emphasis on organ studies and an independent course of studies for organ will be instituted.