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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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“To treat harmony and rhythm in this matter was a difficult matter. Facing numerous problems both large and small—that arose constantly—we understood that a flawless harmonization of Gregorian chant cannot be created by improvisation, no matter the competence and ability of the organist or harmonist.”
— Mons. Jules Van Nuffel, NOH Preface

PDF Download • Organ Interludes for Manuals!
published 19 April 2019 by Jeff Ostrowski

84934 TELEMANN ERONICA BRANDT has done a marvelous job helping our readers discover free music on the IMSLP website. I recently discovered a marvelous collection of organ interludes for manuals only by Georg Philipp Telemann. We don’t hear much about Telemann, but in his day he was actually more highly sought after than J.S. Bach. The collection was shared on IMSLP, and the Creative Commons License allows the music to be freely shared, as long as any modifications are noted. What could be better than that? I am thrilled the Creative Commons License is finally catching on:

    * *  PDF Download • Organ Interludes for Manuals (Telemann)

Many of these pieces are based on hymn melodies found in the Brébeuf Hymnal, such as: Nun danket alle Gott; Erschienen ist der herrlich; Vater unser im himmelreich; and so forth.