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Andrew Leung is a seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio. He has served as Director of Music at St. Pius X Church (Atlanta) and taught Gregorian chant at the Cistercian Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Georgia). For two years, he will be studying in Macau, China.
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“The problem of the new Missal resides in its departure from the continuous history which was going on before and after Pius V, and that it creates definitely a new book (although with old material). Its appearance is accompanied by a type of prohibition of what was traditional, being such a type of prohibition alien to the ecclesiastical history of law and of liturgy. From my personal knowledge of the conciliar debates and from the repeated reading of the speeches of the Fathers of the Council, I can say with certainty, that this was not intended by them.”
— Cardinal Ratzinger, Letter to Wolfgang Waldstein (14 December 1976)

When Music Encounters Religion
published 8 March 2018 by Andrew Leung

HIS VERY SPECIAL project has been going on at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The TheoArtistry Project is a research project conducted by the Institute for Theology, Imagination and Arts that studies the relationship between theology and arts. In 2016, the institute brought a group of theologians and composers together to explore how God can reveal Himself through music. The biblical scholars first did some extensive studies on certain scripture passages and shared their studies with the composers; the composers then wrote new choral pieces that express the texts.

Here is a short documentary about their project:

A CD featuring the works by Sir James MacMillan and the new compositions of the TheoArtistry Project, sung by St Salvator’s Chapel Choir, was released in January. Excerpts from the CD can be found in this YouTube video. Our readers might also be interested in this article, by Dr. George Corbett, Lecturer in Theology, Imagination and the Arts at the University of St Andrews, entitled: Classical Music’s Divorce from God has been One of the Great Failures of Our Times