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— St. Thomas More to Peter Gilles, 1516

Rehearsal videos • “Gloria” by Father Victoria
published 16 August 2018 by Jeff Ostrowski

F ALL THE THINGS that made the 2018 Sacred Music Symposium memorable, the choice of repertoire ranks high. The Mass setting—except for the AGNUS DEI—was composed by Fr. Tomás Luis de Victoria (d. 1611), based on Ave Maris Stella, the ancient Marian hymn. Although not himself a Jesuit, Victoria was a teacher at a Jesuit college in Rome—and his connection to the Mother of God was surely strengthened by the Jesuits of this period, who were known for their tremendous devotion to Mary. It is therefore not surprising to learn how many times throughout his life Fr. Victoria set the Ave Maris Stella.

Our blog authors have a commitment to HONESTY. Therefore, let me be 100% honest: I don’t recommend this piece unless your choir is fantastic. (The Alto line in particular is quite difficult.)

REHEARSAL VIDEOS for each individual voice and PDF score await you at #89424.

You can hear the 2018 Sacred Music Symposium sing this GLORIA by visiting Miss Phoebe’s article:

    * *  Miss Phoebe Wing Article

She posted a YouTube of the entire Mass, including the GLORIA.

At some point, I must place the Victoria Ave Maris Stella Mass parts in order on that page. However, my choir is learning the KYRIE and SANCTUS from that Mass, so I want to keep them towards the top for the time being.