New Catholic Choral School…in Detroit!

2018 August 31

“Qui bene cantat bis orat!”

Join a Choir! Now!

2018 August 31

When you sing in a choir, know that you will impact people’s lives in ways you cannot imagine and likely in ways you will never know.

Simple Mass Propers (1909)

2018 August 30

When choirs cannot sing the proper properly…

Saving the Church, One Choir at a Time

2018 August 29

On the ground in our parishes and in our choirs is where the truth lies. Let us not retreat.

PDF • Scottish Catholic Hymnal (453 Pages)

2018 August 27

“Authorized by the archbishops and bishops of Scotland for use in the Scottish dioceses.”

New Discovery in Canada

2018 August 23

Some great contemporary choral works from a Canadian composer.

“Adoro Te Devote” • A Bad Translation in Hymnals

2018 August 22

How can people claim this is a translation of the hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas?

14th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2018 August 21

“Now if God so clothe the grass of the field, which is today, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, how much more you, O ye of little faith!”

“Vatican II Hymnal” (1974) by Terry L. Haws

2018 August 20

“It is also tragic to note that the hymnal was officially approved by the music commission of the Archdiocese of Seattle.” —Fr. Joseph Roff

Rehearsal videos • “Gloria” by Father Victoria

2018 August 16

How important is honesty?

13th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2018 August 15

“Have regard, O Lord, to Thy covenant, and forsake not to the end the souls of Thy poor.”

A Chinese “Ave Maria”

2018 August 14

Ave Maria composed in Chinese style by Mons. Anthony CM Lau.

PDF Download • “Leeds Catholic Hymnal” (232 pages)

2018 August 13

A hymnal out of print for fifty years has been scanned by Mr. Colin E. Jackson!

The New Spanish Missal as Opportunity

2018 August 12

Seizing the Moment to Sing a Truly New Song to the Lord

Janet Hunt and Music of the Pipe Organ • “On a Sacred Note”

2018 August 10

Catholic TV focuses on the indispensable role of the pipe organ with Janet Hunt.

PDF Download • “Sunday Vespers”

2018 August 07

…including a failed descant from 1983.

Precious in the Eyes of the Lord is the Death of His Faithful One

2018 August 07

We have all encountered these moments that sustain us along our pilgrim way and I assume the same could be said of all the Holy Martyrs.

Video Recording • Pro-Arte Saint Louis

2018 August 06

“We live in such a commercialized world that things that are non-tangible seem to escape very often…” —Dr. Horst Buchholz

Scogna and Olbash talk Gregorian Chant • “On a Sacred Note”

2018 August 03

Who doesn't like to talk about Gregorian Chant?