Mother Angelica • “60 Minutes” (1984)

2016 March 31

This video shows Mother Angelica playing the drums at Mass! (Not kidding!)

Promoting a Good Choral Culture at Your Parish

2016 March 31

Nothing is impossible with God, everyone can promote a good choral culture at their parish.

Bishop Doerfler’s Stunning Church Music Letter

2016 March 31

“All parishes and schools are to have implemented the following directives by December 31, 2020.” —Bishop Doerfler.

Sequence During the Octave of Easter

2016 March 31

Singing the sequence, "Victimae Paschali Laudes" is truly appropriate every day this week.

“Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above” • Nine Organ Accompaniments

2016 March 30

Why do we love descants so much?

Mother Angelica, How Bad Was It?

2016 March 29

“To preside, a person must live from the rich ambiguity of symbolic reality.”

True Meaning Of Easter?

2016 March 27

After all the work we musicians do to make Holy Week special…

Funeral March for Jesus

2016 March 25

Annual Good Friday Funeral March in Macau.

Musical Resources • Holy Thursday (1962 Missal)

2016 March 24

“By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples: if you have love one for another.”

Tantum Ergo by a French Composer

2016 March 24

A setting of Tantum Ergo by Déodat de Sévérac.

A Church Music Issue Nobody Will Touch

2016 March 21

Numerous articles have been written about Cardinal Sarah's “foot washing” communique.

Baptisms in the Extraordinary Form

2016 March 20

Reflections on a Recent Experience

Musical Resources • Palm Sunday (1962)

2016 March 20

“Almighty and eternal God, Who—in order to give mankind an example of humility—didst will that our Savior should assume our flesh and suffer on the cross…”

Footage From 1968 • Pope Paul VI Giving Out Palms

2016 March 19

The Cardinals don't need to wear red—they have it on already!

PDF Download • “Chants Abrégés des Graduels, des Alleluias, et des Traits”

2016 March 19

Simplified according to ancient psalm tones.

As the Tension Grows

2016 March 18

As Holy Week approaches, the tension is palpable.

Holy Week — A Week of Love

2016 March 17

How can we practice charity during Holy Week?

Printable Passion Booklets (PDF)

2016 March 16

These might be helpful to some!

Sean McDermott's “Virgo Dei Genitrix”

2016 March 16

Do you agree this “live” recording is sung with excellence?

St. Paul's Choir School

2016 March 15

I would like to share with you an incredible place where such a musician had a great vision, informed by the mind and heart of the Church.

Brand New • “Saint Paul Hymnal”

2016 March 15

Msgr. Andrew R. Wadsworth served on the advisory committee for this hymn book!

“Liturgy Shaming”

2016 March 14

They're doing the very thing they say they deplore!

The Rite of Marriage, Second Edition

2016 March 13

The release date has been set. What will be new in the new Rite of Marriage?

Can You Find The Error Here?

2016 March 13

The problem with trying to revise liturgical books too quickly…

PDF Download • Spanish Cathedral Music (1961)

2016 March 12

“On Holy Saturday in 1545, while the pope and several cardinals were present, two of the oldest choir members flew at each other during the blessing of the new oils…”

When the Liturgy Astounds • The Fire of Divine Love

2016 March 11

I found these words to be jaw dropping—utterly astounding.

Lalemant Polyphonic • Rehearsal Videos

2016 March 10

Including Kevin Allen's SATB setting of the “Vexilla Regis”—released here for the first time!

Has The Church Rejected Her Inheritance?

2016 March 10

The richness of liturgy and music should never be abandoned.

Yes or No? • Accompanying Chant with the Organ

2016 March 10

One of the hottest topics in the field: should chanting be accompanied by the organ?

They Lied To Me In Grad School

2016 March 08

No matter what anyone else thinks, strive for greatness and never look back!

Undoing A “Wreckovation” Is Possible

2016 March 08

A positive church transformation!

PDF Download • “New Westminster Hymnal” (1939)

2016 March 07

Can Watershed survive? (Part 4)

Parish Lenten Programs • 15 Suggestions

2016 March 06

Simply adhering to the liturgical traditions of the Church would be a wonderful Lenten program for every parish.

“Ave Maris Stella” • Take II

2016 March 05

Have you ever changed your mind with regard to tempo?

“To Sing With The Angels” • A History Of The Twin Cities Catholic Chorale

2016 March 05

A guest article by Dr. Virginia A. Schubert.

Rehearsal Videos • My Favorite Lenten Hymn

2016 March 03

Can Watershed survive? (Part 3)

Video • Why is Modern Art so Bad?

2016 March 03

Why do we see so many ugly modern churches nowadays?

PDF Download • “Woodward Hymnal” (1913) … Outrageously Rare!

2016 March 02

Can Watershed survive? (Part 2)

“Kyrie Eleison” (SATB) within the reach of any choir!

2016 March 01

Can Watershed survive? (Part 1)

Choir and Cantor?

2016 March 01

Please, let the choir lead!