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Dr. Lucas Tappan is a conductor and organist whose specialty is working with children. He lives in Kansas with his wife and two sons.
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"Upon the road, René was always occupied with God. His words and the discourses he held were all expressive of submission to the commands of Divine Providence, and showed a willing acceptance of the death which God was sending him. He gave himself to God as a sacrifice, to be reduced to ashes by the fires of the Iroquois, which that good Father's hand would kindle. He sought the means to bless Him in all things and everywhere. Covered with wounds as he himself was, Goupil dressed the wounds of other persons, of the enemies who had received some blows in the fight as well as those of the prisoners. He opened the vein for a sick Iroquois. And he did it all with as much charity as if he had done it to persons who were his best friends."
— St. Isaac Jogues (writing in 1643)

Most Pure Heart Schola Cantorum in Rome (Part 2)
published 27 January 2016 by Lucas Tappan

LMT MPHM Schola Cantorum passing the Swiss Guards AST WEEK I posted two videos of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Schola Cantorum singing in Rome at the Church of St. Peter in Chains. This week I would like to share two final videos. The first one was taken inside the Basilica of St. John Lateran when the choir decided on its own to spontaneously break into Silent Night. The mother of three of our choristers had this to say about it in our diocesan newspaper:

“It wasn’t like the choir director said, 'we’re going to sing now.’ The children just sang. The children were just in awe of the church’s beauty, and so they offered their gift of song. Everyone was speechless.”

I have to admit, it was one of my favorite moments—and yes, I sang along!

Finally, here’s the MPHM Schola premiering a new Ave Maria by SIR COLIN MAWBY in concert at the Basilica of St. Ignatius in Rome. Mr. Mawby flew in from Ireland with his wife Ann, met and ate with the choristers and shared some stories of his time at Westminster. 1 He also came to St. Ignatius to listen to the choristers and later had this to say in an email “I have such happy memories of the performance. Meant a great deal to both Ann and me.”

One of our high school gentlemen shared this in the same diocesan news article:

“The piece has a particularly solemn sound. It puts your heart in a reflective mood. It’s very moving.”

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


    * *  YouTube • Alternate View of the Mawby Debut

    * *  Leaven Newspaper • “Topeka children’s choir sings for pope”


1   If I ever again think I am too busy, I will just remember the Holy Week schedule that Westminster Cathedral Choir kept during the 1960s!