FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 31 January 2015

2015 January 31

And the secret word is …

Lord of the World

2015 January 31

A highly recommended book which relies on some background knowledge of sacred music.

Musical Resources • Septuagesima Sunday

2015 January 31

«GLORIA in EXCELSIS» is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts.

Liturgy of the Word and Paraphrasing the Responsorial Psalm

2015 January 30

Would a lector paraphrase a reading from Isaiah or Paul? Would a deacon or priest change the words while proclaiming the Gospel of St. Luke?

How Important Is The Poetic Value Of A Hymn?

2015 January 29

“If Christians want me to believe in their god, they will have to sing me better hymns.” —Nietzsche

Innocuous But Uninspired Music At Mass?

2015 January 28

In my youth, I recall singing some of these same songs at Mass, but I refused to do the hand gestures.

Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #68

2015 January 28

Today's installment is a third picture of the Epiphany—different than the two we've previously posted.

PDF Download: Eucharistic Verset By Palestrina

2015 January 27

Your more advanced singers will love this piece by Palestrina!


2015 January 27

“Immanentism means there is no reality beyond what we know…” —Aurelio Porfiri

Father Richard McBrien & The Passing Of An Era

2015 January 26

“My Roman collar is my television uniform.” —Fr. Richard McBrien

Bishop Conley & Advent “Ad Orientem”

2015 January 25

The results are in.

PDF Download: Saint Rose Hymnal (1938)

2015 January 24

“It contains about two hundred hymns—all from approved sources—and covers every phase of Catholic devotion.” —Foreword by the Bishop of La Crosse

Preparing for Candlemas

2015 January 24

Your one-week-to-go guide to preparing for Candlemas.

The Blessing of Daily Mass – Saint Mary’s Chapel, Boston College Reopens

2015 January 23

I am at daily mass, but through no virtue of my own. God has a way of drawing us toward him even when we resist.

Musical Resources • Third Sunday after Epiphany

2015 January 23

Hymns can be implemented into the Latin High Mass with great effect.

True Meaning Of The Word “Liturgy”

2015 January 22

Historically, “liturgy” referred to a service done for the people, not by them.

PDF Download: “Laudate Hymnal” (1942) … An Exceptionally Rare Book!

2015 January 21

“We feel that the selection of hymns leaves little to be desired…” —From the 1942 Foreword

Showing Off During Mass

2015 January 20

“Many years ago I had a spiritual director that gave me a lesson that I have never forgotten…” —Aurelio Porfiri

PDF Download: Hymn Book By Sisters Of Notre Dame (1907)

2015 January 20

“Yet zephyrs vainly fan me, and flow'rs to groves invite…”

Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #67

2015 January 19

Today's installment is a third image for 8 September—totally different than the two we've posted in the past.

Dick Morris & Gregorian Accompaniment

2015 January 19

Some people accept a job as choir director and say, "I have five singers who don't read music, so I guess that's how it will always be."

Praise of God Demands Song

2015 January 18

Impromptu Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI to the Members of the Pontifical “Sistine” Choir

From The 1400s • Communion Kneeling

2015 January 18

A beautiful image from 15th-century Austria.

Teaching your own children

2015 January 17

Starring the almost two year old darling of the family along with miscellaneous siblings egging her on.

Reviving a Music Program & Ryan Lynch on "Sounds from the Spires"

2015 January 16

Good-hearted and talented people respond quite positively to the philosophy of service to God and others.

Musical Resources • Second Sunday after Epiphany

2015 January 15

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful text than Sedulius' Hymn: Hostis Herodes Impie.

PDF Download: Standard Catholic Hymnal (1921)

2015 January 15

This extremely rare Catholic hymn book is here made available for the first time ever as a PDF download.

Hypocrisy About Francis From An Unlikely Source

2015 January 14

Resist the temptation to believe that Francis is 80,000 times as important as Benedict since he receives 80,000 times as much media coverage.

PDF Download: Notre Dame Hymn Tune Book (1905)

2015 January 13

"They call me a Papist and they laugh at my creed…"

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 13 January 2015

2015 January 13

A wonderful new HOSANNA by Father Cristóbal de Morales.

The Verge Of The Abyss

2015 January 12

“Fellow church musicians, rejoice and be glad!” —Aurelio Porfiri

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #66

2015 January 12

Today's installment is a rare image of Our Lady's Nativity.

PDF Download: Rare Hymnal By Boston's Archbishop

2015 January 12

Can you imagine singing all those vernacular hymns while Mass is happening?

Cristóbal de Morales Missa “Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La.”

2015 January 12

You'll want to immediately download these scores, videos, and Mp3 files!

What to Do with Musicam Sacram

2015 January 11

Does the 1967 Instruction on Music in the Liturgy have any relevance today?

We want to be fed

2015 January 10

What do you think of a new Catechetical Lectionary?

The Lowest Musical Aspiration Possible – Or the Highest?

2015 January 09

Is being a church musician the lowest musical aspiration possible? Or the Highest?

Short And Simple Organ Postludes & Preludes

2015 January 09

Many of you asked me to share the results, which I have done below.

“The best I have ever seen. Anywhere. In the world. Period.” —Mr. John Sonnen

2015 January 08

"The vitality of the Classical Rite is as fresh as ever."

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 8 January 2015

2015 January 08

Robot files, Lhoumeau, Kevin Allen, Verdelot, Victoria …

Musical Resources • Holy Family

2015 January 08

Many don't realize that all the EF chants for the Holy Family can be used at OF—cf. section 397 of the Ordo Cantus Missæ.

Why Didn't Anyone Stop This?

2015 January 07

Here is an except from a Church bulletin published in December of 2014.

The American Idolization of Liturgy

2015 January 07

Sometimes I wish people didn't have so many opinions about the liturgy.

Was Fulton J. Sheen Ever Wrong?

2015 January 07

There's a discrepancy in this Sunday's EF Introit.

Rare Photograph: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen With Father Joseph Ratzinger in 1965

2015 January 07

Archbishop Sheen said nary a word about any liturgical reforms following the Council.

Organ Processionals & Postludes: Suggestions Needed

2015 January 06

"So many of the wonderful Preludes & Fugues by Bach—as splendid as they are—do not work as Processional pieces: they're simply too long."

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #65

2015 January 05

Today's installment is a rare image of our Lord's Resurrection.

L'Anima Mia Ha Sete Sung By Music School In Rome

2015 January 05

Recorded for Vatican Radio with organist Aurelio Porfiri. Conducted by Sister Dolores Aguirre.

Reflections On Marty Haugen's “Mass Of Creation” (Revised Version)

2015 January 05

Before the revision, Haugen's Gloria "worked" much better, but I still had serious reservations about it.

Preparing Funeral Liturgies

2015 January 04

Who Should Pick the Readings?

Musical Resources • Most Holy Name Of Jesus

2015 January 04

…including a special PDF version (Singer + Organist) of "Corde Natus ex Parentis."

Easy Organ Hymns for Catholics

2015 January 03

There is a built in tendency for nervous musicians to rush things - I think as your heart beats faster, your perception of time is dilated. As you build more confidence your sense of timing improves too.

Christmas Season and the New Year

2015 January 02

This is a profession that is in fact, unfriendly to families, i.e., working all weekend long, nights, holidays, low pay, etc. Yet we persist through an act of will as much as an act of loving service.

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #64

2015 January 01

Today's installment is a picture of the angel Raphael.