Te Deum Laudámus

2015 December 31

Listen to Herbert Howells's Te Deum to start the new year!

Musical Resources • Most Holy Name (Extraordinary Form)

2015 December 31

“…mercifully grant that we may in heaven enjoy the blessed vision of him, to whose most holy name we do reverence upon earth.”

Chant Workshop for Clergy

2015 December 31

St. Ambrose School of Chant located in Georgia is organizing a Chant Workshop for Clergy.

Another “Oops” Moment For Liturgical Press

2015 December 30

Msgr. Kevin Irwin says this book “reflects the best of liturgical scholarship and wisdom gleaned from the liturgy.”

Bishop Perry at Prince of Peace Catholic Church

2015 December 30

Bishop Joseph Perry administered the Sacrament of Confirmation and celebrated a Pontifical Solemn High Mass on Gaudete Sunday.

Which Mass Goes With Which Season?

2015 December 30

Unfortunately, many ignore the words of Abbot Pothier, included at the front of the Vatican Edition.

Popular Posts From 2015

2015 December 29

In case you missed any of these!

PDF • “The Truth Of Papal Claims” (Merry del Val)

2015 December 29

Cardinal Raphael Merry del Val published this reply to a Protestant scholar in 1902.

Hollywood: Midnight Mass By Candlelight

2015 December 28

The FSSP had a special Christmas Mass at their new Apostolate in Los Angeles.

A Myth That Needs To Die

2015 December 28

“I never witnessed a Mass in the so-called Extraordinary Form that was done in 15 minutes.”

New Choir Stalls for the Sistine Chapel Choir

2015 December 26

The Sistine Chapel Choir sang beautifully at the Midnight Mass at St. Peter's Basilica.

Christmas and the Universal Role of Music

2015 December 25

The birth of Christ recalls a specific time and place as does the music of Christmas. It is sacred music that has poured out into an increasingly secular world.

Musical Resources • Christmas Midnight Mass (Extraordinary Form)

2015 December 24

We won't be singing "Frosty The Snowman" for Offertory!

Video • Holy Mass in Hollywood, 1944

2015 December 22

A video of the Christmas Solemn High Mass in Hollywood film, "Christmas Holiday"

Sing Like the Angels

2015 December 21

We can learn from the best choir, the Holy Angels!

Pope Francis on Collaboration of the Lay Faithful

2015 December 20

Remarks during the Ad Limina Visit of the German Bishops

Epiphany Proclamation

2015 December 19

It is solemnly made known, dearest brethren that, just as we through the bounteous mercy of God, have rejoiced in the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, likewise should we proclaim the joy of the Resurrection of this same Saviour.

Podcast • Advent Communion Propers on “Sounds from the Spires”

2015 December 18

There is such richness in the scriptures we sing in Advent. This is the kind of thing I find exciting! I am grateful to have discussed the propers with Dr. Pascual, Director of Music at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

An Antidote For Clericalism: Sung Vespers

2015 December 17

The public singing of Vespers is an antidote to the kind of clericalism frequently condemned by Pope Francis.

Sacred Vs. Secular • What Do You Think?

2015 December 17

My performance leaves much to be desired, but you get the idea.

The “O Antiphons” Begin Tonight

2015 December 17

Starting tonight, the "O Antiphons" are prayed at Vespers. A recording of James MacMillan's "Veni, Veni, Emmanuel" is also included in this post.

“Veni Veni Emmanuel” • Original Setting (Two Voices)

2015 December 16

This famous Advent hymn was not written in the 1800s—it goes back at least to the 15th century.

Our New Blog Header

2015 December 15

One reason cardinals wear red is to demonstrate their willingness to shed blood for the Gospel.

Why Don’t Serious Catholics Address This?

2015 December 14

If you want to test the USCCB policy, try this experiment.

Benedict XVI Institute Seeks Executive Director

2015 December 14

Are you an entrepreneur?

Lighting Up Façades

2015 December 13

Catholic churches ought not to be treated as houses of entertainment, but as houses of prayer.

Orient toward prayer. Orient toward gratitude.

2015 December 11

We may not convince anyone that certain music is more worthy than another. But we can all understand that sacred music must orient itself towards reverence and prayer.

Rehearsal Videos • Victoria's “Ave Maria” (SATB)

2015 December 10

Including six reasons why Tomás Luis de Victoria may be the true composer of this piece.

Videos • Popes open the Holy Door

2015 December 10

Two old videos of the Opening of the Holy Door

Understanding the Sacred

2015 December 10

Reflection on "Understanding the Sacred" based on two events happened in Vatican this week

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 8 December 2015

2015 December 08

Christmas approaches!

Propers for Our Lady of Guadalupe (12 December)

2015 December 07

Providing music for the Traditional Latin Mass is not nearly as hard as some believe.

Rehearsal Videos • “O Magnum Mysterium” (Victoria)

2015 December 07

With a masterpiece like this, we must be careful not to rush in where angels fear to tread.

Not One of Aesop's Fables

2015 December 06

Of Tetrarchs, High Priests, and the Polar Express

Musical Resources • Second Sunday of Advent (Extraordinary Form)

2015 December 05

“Gather ye together His Saints to Him; who have set His covenant before sacrifices…”

Saint Nicholas — “Identity Theft”

2015 December 05

Since we are getting closer to Christmas …

Have you heard of St Clelia?

2015 December 05

A young foundress who continues to sing with her congregations around the world and how this underlines the power of the liturgy.

A Midlife Crisis and My Funeral

2015 December 04

At my funeral, please pray for my soul. Please don’t “celebrate my life” (do that after…) or “celebrate my resurrection.” Pray.

CMAA Winter Sacred Music Workshop

2015 December 03

Registration is now open for the CMAA Winter Sacred Music Workshop in Houston

Video • The Voice of St. John Paul the Great

2015 December 03

Two videos of John Paul II's singing

On Stillness

2015 December 02

This blog post is about a four-year-old who behaves at Mass and how the Extraordinary Form allows a father to learn to behave better at Mass.

Introit For The Immaculate Conception (8 December)

2015 December 02

“Gaudens Gaudebo” is not a short Introit.

Sir Colin Mawby Composes Special “Ave Maria” For Kansas Choristers

2015 December 02

Mr. Mawby emailed me two weeks after sending the music, saying he'd already purchased his plane ticket and would see us in Rome!

The Most Important Thing A Choirmaster Can Do

2015 December 01

Sometimes it takes decades to appreciate the genius of this or that Gregorian chant.