Adapting Chant To The Vernacular

2015 August 31

“The more closely a composition approaches the Gregorian melodic form, the more sacred it becomes.”

Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference 2015

2015 August 30

Featuring Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Dr. William Mahrt, and Fr. Uwe Michael Lang

The Ordinary Form’s Incredible Freedom

2015 August 29

Here's a chart with rubrics from the 1974 “Graduale” translated into English.

Practising from back to front

2015 August 28

Something of a duet of the Communion Antiphon for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost—part of preparing for Mass

Frank La Rocca • Contemporary Music for the Sacred Treasury

2015 August 28

If you are not familiar with the works of composer Frank La Rocca, you should be. His works move contemporary sacred music towards the realization of Vatican II.

Cake or Frosting?

2015 August 27

The Liturgy is the cake and Sacred Music is the frosting...

Be Amazed By This Two-Minute Clip About Cathedrals!

2015 August 27

Astounding video about how the Amiens Cathedral was saved by a medieval “iron band-aid.”

PDF Download • Rossini’s “Canticum Novum” (1935)

2015 August 26

A Collection of 115 Motets and Hymns, with an Easy Mass for Two Equal Voices. Choir Communiqué • 26 August 2015

2015 August 26

This Sunday, we'll try a new way to receive Holy Communion.

Musical Resources • 14th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 August 26

“Reconciled for evermore to thy Church, do thou watch over her, O Lord…”

A Paragraph that Caught Attention

2015 August 26

“Re-discovery of the Church’s Sacred Tradition: II Kings 22” by Fr. David Carter, JCL.

SATB “Alleluia” By Palestrina • Brief, Easy, & Sumptuous

2015 August 25

I dare you NOT to immediately assign this piece to your choir!

Another Job For Your Children

2015 August 25

Simply dive in and do it. Remember how quickly your children grew up and left home? That is all the longer it takes.

A Most Astounding “Graduale” From 1909 … On Modern Staves!

2015 August 25

University professors don't sit around wondering whether they should teach the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria or Marty Haugen.

Christmas Gift Idea • Unbelievable Made-By-Hand Wood Carvings!

2015 August 24

“Creating these etchings reminds me of my mother's deep spirituality.” —John McCarthy

Vesting Prayers • Part 8 of 8

2015 August 23

The Chasuble

Organ Accompaniment • “Christe Supreme”

2015 August 23

When your choir isn't ready for polyphony…

The Weirdest Thing About Renaissance Motets

2015 August 22

A priest named “Reuschius”…

Sacraments and family

2015 August 22

God is amazing. Families are amazing. God working in families is amazing.

The Danger of Praise and Worship

2015 August 20

Praise and Worship can be dangerous and confusing...

One Man I Would Give My Right Arm To Meet In Person

2015 August 20

"This honest, magnanimous and public statement made my struggle totally worthwhile." —Colin Mawby

Chabanel Psalms … In Dutch?

2015 August 19

The cantors do something I never thought of in this video…

Musical Resources • 13th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 August 19

“We have received, O Lord, thy heavenly sacrament…”

Summer Sacred Music Workshop — Report

2015 August 18

Report on the Summer Sacred Music Workshop in Jasper, GA.

Improve Your Parish’s Liturgy … Instantaneously!

2015 August 18

“Until we are blue in the face, we could repeat what Vatican II said about Gregorian chant…”

PDF Download • “Mount Mary Hymnal” (1937)

2015 August 17

All 255 pages of this famous hymn book can now be downloaded as a PDF.

Vesting Prayers • Part 7 of 8

2015 August 16

The Stole

Entering the Mainstream Conversation

2015 August 14

Will Cardinal Sarah’s recent letter make it into the mainstream conversation?

Musical Resources • 12th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 August 13

The “Testament of the Spirit” is the new and permanent covenant established by Jesus Christ between God and men.

Thoughts on the "Hymn" for the Year of Mercy?

2015 August 13

The Vatican has just introduced the official hymn of the Holy Year Of Mercy. Any thoughts?

John Scott (1956-2015)

2015 August 12

Today, the world lost one of the greatest living church musicians, Dr. John Scott.

Cardinal Sarah’s Powerful Letter Available In English!

2015 August 12

“Adoremus Bulletin” has uploaded a translation of the CDW Prefect's document.

Remarkable! • Amiens Cathedral During World War

2015 August 11

There's something scary about this image!

Evelyn Waugh Requiem Panegyric Preached At Westminster By Fr. Caraman (21 April 1966)

2015 August 11

“Evelyn was sad when he read of churches in which the old altar was taken down…”

Carlo Rossini: “Exaltate Deum Hymnal” (1941)

2015 August 10

115 Offertories, Motets, and Hymns for SATB choirs.

Do You Like This German Hymn Tune?

2015 August 09

Hymns in 3/4 can present problems, but this one really isn't…

Vesting Prayers • Part 6 of 8

2015 August 09

The Maniple

Three part motet for the Assumption by Ravanello

2015 August 08

A little counterpoint gem with ramblings on solfege.

That's Entertainment, Folks!

2015 August 07

Entertainment distracts from the Real Presence. We must lead. We must offer substance. Our spiritual lives depend upon it, as do those whom we serve.

Propers for the Assumption (15 August)

2015 August 07

Videos, Scores, & Mp3 Files

Pope Paul VI Celebrates Ambrosian Rite At Vatican II

2015 August 06

Cardinal Montini—later known as Pope Paul VI—celebrates Mass in the St. Peter's Basilica during Vatican II.

Sacred Music as an Emotional Experience

2015 August 06

Emotions and the field of Sacred Music Choir Communiqué • 5 August 2015

2015 August 05

“Forgive us those sins on account of which our conscience is afraid…”

Musical Resources • 11th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 August 05

The Verdelot “Agnus Dei” gets better and better the more we explore its treasures.

Help Needed From Organists Who Can Improvise!

2015 August 05

Are you a composer?

Why St. Josemaría Escrivá Only Celebrated The Extraordinary Form

2015 August 04

“Such moments had been a part of his spiritual life since boyhood and through his priesthood.”

The Easiest Way To Teach Your Choir Polyphony

2015 August 04

What could be simpler or more fun than this?

A Must Have For The Choir Director's Shelf

2015 August 04

This book is invaluable for the church musician.

My Response To “Should Church Singers Be Paid?”

2015 August 04

“The labourer is worthy of his hire.” (I Tim 5:18)

Assumption Mass

2015 August 03

A Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form next Friday evening in Philadelphia.

Maestro Colin Mawby—The Newest Blogger

2015 August 02

Maestro Mawby is now a contributor for «CASTAWAY» and his articles may interest you...

Loading Choir Binders for 2 August 2015

2015 August 02

Once we finish revising the scores at Goupil, this will be unnecessary.

Vesting Prayers • Part 5 of 8

2015 August 02

The Cincture

Teaching chant to your children

2015 August 01

Just a little each day. As Confucius says: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."