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The Christmas Album for 2014
published 6 December 2014 by Veronica Brandt

Here is a sample of an awesome new album by a group of young people from Eastern Australia. This track is Gaudete – many groups have had fun with this Christmas Carol. This is no exception, with variations in each verse – the last one is fantastic!

From their website (link below):

‘Prima Luce’ is a group of Catholic musicians who wish to promote the beauty and riches of Gregorian Chant, polyphony, hymnody and carols.

These forms of music are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition and are to be sung in a spirit of prayer, rather than simply being performed. The musical selections that ‘Prima Luce’ wishes to restore and revive are timeless, deeply spiritual, uplifting and memorable.

Within this great tradition of music we also wish to contribute through contemporary compositions and encouraging young musicians to learn from the past and add to the musical riches of the future.

It is hard to describe this bunch without using the word “notorious”, which probably isn’t quite the right word. Their faces are familiar from many Catholic events, especially pilgrimages of all magnitudes. Maybe this snippet from reddit can give something of the flavour of the fame of these fellows. The ladies aren’t in this clip, but they are also lovely people and sing beautifully.

More about the group at primalucemusic.com.