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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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“Except the psalms or canonical Scriptures of the new and old Testaments, nothing composed poetically shall be sung in church, as the holy canons command.”
— Council of Braga, 563AD

Jesuits, Juilliard, And The Latin Mass In Florida
published 25 March 2013 by Jeff Ostrowski

OR THOSE discovering Mass in the Extraordinary Form, one of the first realizations is that the priest “disappears.” I come from a family of five children, and when we first went to the Latin Mass in the 1990s, I clearly remember all of us noticing this. The priest keeps his head down most of the time. (As a matter of fact, the movements of his head are carefully prescribed by the rubrics.) I think we can all agree that the priest “disappearing” is a very good thing, but it led to problems in this instance, since I wanted to include information about the Pastor (Fr. Clement) but could not find any on the website. Perhaps one of our readers knows more information about this parish and can E-mail us.

In any event, one of our readers alerted us to the following fantastic video:

I especially enjoyed the following quotes by Fr. Hough:

“When you attend the Latin Mass, what you realize is, it doesn’t really matter how you feel that day, whether you feel happy or sad: you’re entering into something far greater than you.”

“I believe that more and more people will start to come to this, if nothing else because they wish to find a way in their world to carve out quiet time.

They have a beautiful website I would encourage everyone to visit:

      * *  http://sacrificiumsanctum.org/

I see they are currently in the process of raising funds for a new Latin Mass Missal and Hymnal (Yay!):

We are trying to raise $1500 to purchase 100 St. Edmund Campion Missals/Hymnals to have available for you to use for Mass. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.

Finally, here’s a bit of information I found on their blog [url]:

It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome Fr. J. Patrick Hough, S.J. Recently I had the privilege to meet Fr. Hough when I visited Jesuit High School. After learning that Fr. Hough is trained in celebrating the Extraordinary Form, I invited him to assist me on a regular basis in celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass at Incarnation. Thankfully, he accepted and will begin by being the main celebrant on December 2nd. Please come out to welcome Fr. Hough and extend to him our gratitude and hospitality.

Fr. J. Patrick Hough, S.J., 38, is originally from Lancashire, England, where he attended Stonyhurst College. An athlete and musician, he spent a year teaching math and geography, coaching tennis and working with the music program at St. Ignatius High School in Sydney, Australia. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Leeds University, followed by a second Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and he spent an additional year studying theology at Pontifical Angelicum University, also in Rome.

Upon entering the Jesuit novitiate in 2002, he worked at both Sacred Heart Church in El Paso and Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston. He then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Medieval History from Fordham University in New York where he also served as music director of the Sunday evening student mass at St. Paul’s Church. He also studied orchestral conducting and singing at the Juilliard School. During his regency, Fr. Hough taught and served as coach of the rowing team at Jesuit College Preparatory in Dallas, after which he earned his Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University in Berkeley, Calif. While there, he was assistant coach of the freshman rowing team at the University of California in Berkeley.

Fr. Hough is currently assigned to Jesuit High School here in Tampa, where he serves as the Director of the Department of Theology. I am happy to welcome him on board at Incarnation and look forward to his help with the Traditional Latin Mass, and I’m sure you will too.