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Father Gabriel Lalemant won the crown the martyrdom on 17 March 1649. The smallest and most delicate in health among all the Jesuit missionaries, he had in six months won, by his iron will and unwavering determination, a martyr's end, in companionship with the spiritual and physical giant of the missions, Jean de Brébeuf.
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“We must say it plainly: the Roman rite as we knew it exists no more. It has gone. Some walls of the structure have fallen, others have been altered—we can look at it as a ruin or as the partial foundation of a new building. Think back, if you remember it, to the Latin sung High Mass with Gregorian chant. Compare it with the modern post-Vatican II Mass. It is not only the words, but also the tunes and even certain actions that are different. In fact it is a different liturgy of the Mass.”
— Fr. Joseph Gelineau (1978)

Good Friday Passion In Parts - Free PDF Booklet
published 21 March 2013 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Because the Passion is frequently read with “parts”, we are providing a printable PDF for Good Friday, which can be assembled into booklets for your parish.

    Click here to download this beautiful PDF booklet.

To make the booklets:

1.) Print out all 7 pages from your computer; (6 pages if not using the cover).

2.) Setting the cover page aside, you will be making back-to-back copies of the rest in this order (ending up with three (3) two-sided pages):

For Page 1 (Left Page 12): Print Page 2 (Right Page 11) on the reverse

For Page 3 (Left Page 10): Print Page 4 (Right Page 9) on the reverse

For Page 5 (Left Page 8): Print Page 6 (Right Page 7) on the reverse

3.) Place the THREE Pages in order (Page ONE is face down, with Pages 2, 4, 6 & 7 facing up

4.) Fold in the middle

5.) If using the cover, fold in half and place over the booklet

6.) Staple together

We hope this is helpful to you and wish you many blessings for Holy Week!

Click here to download this beautiful PDF booklet.