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"As the subject of the language of worship was discussed in the Council hall over the course of several days, I followed the process with great attention, as well as later the various wordings of the Liturgy Constitution until the final vote. I still remember very well how after several radical proposals a Sicilian bishop rose and implored the fathers to allow caution and reason to reign on this point, because otherwise there would be the danger that the entire Mass might be held in the language of the people — whereupon the entire hall burst into uproarious laughter."
— Alfons Cardinal Stickler (1997)

Huge News! — Sacred Music Symposium 2017
published 5 February 2017 by Corpus Christi Watershed

VER THE PAST TEN YEARS, a resurgence of traditional liturgy has occurred. We’ve documented official decrees, stunning statements, and concrete statistics, but we don’t publicly share the hundreds of messages from laymen, priests, and nuns bearing witness to a breathtaking grassroots movement. The road to improvement (as you fully realize) can be arduous—but today we have fantastic news:

403 Sperabo

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It is designed especially for (but certainly not limited to) music directors. 1

Ask about scholarships!

Many participates don’t direct choirs—they just love to sing!  One emphasis is on “tricks” to implement the treasury of sacred music without becoming discouraged. The schedule shows there’s something for everybody: pointers for starting children’s choirs; advice on repertoire; exploration of hymnody; and so forth.

    * *  PDF Download • TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Notice that participants will be given “hands-on” instruction regarding producing rehearsal videos, just like the collection we’ve started. (Many have requested this!)

From the 2016 Symposium :

2016 • TESTIMONIALS from actual participants|
2016 • REHEARSAL the first day|
2016 • REHEARSAL in the Church|
2016 • FINAL CEREMONY with Archbishop Gomez|
2016 • RECORDING from the Sanctuary

If you’re interested, kindly email before 17 February 2017. Space is limited. Please include your phone number because some questions are better handled with a personal touch!

The cost is $145, but the meal plan must also be purchased. During the same week, at the same location, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter will be conducting an Altar boy training camp and private instruction for priests—and information about these will be released soon.

ALL SYMPOSIUM EVENTS will take place at St. Therese in Alhambra (1100 E Alhambra Rd, Alhambra, CA 91801) with its magnificent organ. However, on the final day, participants will be taken by bus to sing a Solemn High Mass in the historic SAN FERNANDO MISSION CHURCH and given an opportunity to visit the museum:


1   Those who aren’t professional musicians (but love singing) will take delight in learning from friendly conductors who are the world’s experts. Don’t let fear prevent you from attending! Rehearsal videos will be provided in advance of the symposium for singers who might be nervous to sing under the baton of famous conductors.